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10:26 AM on 11.04.2009

5 things I learned from Borderlands

1. Revolvers are the way forward. Now I know that each weapon has their place whether it being your tool of choice or potential money. But during my first play through, I found lots of pistols, but at the same time the same level revolver was so much better. Despite its smaller clip size and lower rate of fire, the revolver would do the same damage in one bullet that the pistol would take eight to ten to do and worked out as a faster firing method. Also, even though this is completely by chance, but the revolvers I found had more awesome special effects.

2. Vehicles clip badly. This should not be a problem in todayís games, but there should be better collision detection. I donít know if it is the hit box on the environment of the car, but numerous times when I have run into a piece of scenery, the car is sometimes noticeably not in contact with it. When playing the game I donít give it a second thought, but outside I canít ignore that I should not hit air and stop.

3. Every game should have this experience system. In Borderlands you gain experience for every kill you get, to a point. As you level up you gain less and less experience for killing the same type and level of an enemy. Eventually you will get zero experience for killing a far weaker enemy. Games should start to do this as it almost removes the element of grinding. It creates a smoother game experience as there is almost no need to stop for an undetermined amount of time just so you can get powerful enough to kill the next boss. In Borderlands there was almost no points where I was too weak to complete a mission. Granted, some of them were hard as nails, but I never had to grind.

4. Claptrap should have his own game. Even if it is the worst game ever, and it ruins every game I play from that point on for the rest of my life. But after watching the Claptrap promotional videos and playing Borderlands, Claptrap made that game for me. I would sometime sit there for about fifteen minutes and just watch Claptrap dance. Call me crazy but when robot butlers become real, that is my robot of choice.

5. I love loot collecting. I will be honest; I did not buy Borderlands for the loot collecting aspect, in fact that was the one thing I hated before I played the game. I can now see what people are going on about. I have seen the error of my ways. I have not played Diablo or any other dungeon crawler, loot collector, but I am going to assume that their loot collection system is slower in the aspect of getting better loot. That is okay to me now; I want to sit down for hours just to get a piece of equipment that gives me a +1 in some random stat. After I am done getting all four characters up to level 50, I will most likely go back and keep playing until I have the highest level of loot in each slot for each of my characters. It might sound weird, but Borderlands has made me want to purchase Diablo 3 the day it is released.   read

6:03 AM on 10.11.2009

A lesson learned from Firefight

So I managed to play some ODST this weekend finally. This is not a story about my experience, just more like a point I have to say.

If you play Firefight, never play on easy or normal, it is so boring. Even though the game becomes very difficult later on, the easier modes require so little effort with other people helping you that the game becomes less fun.

Let me put it this way; I was playing with my brother on normal. We had no lives left and I was the last one left. In the ten minutes that I was alive on my own I completed four waves without any trouble, and took on three chieftains at once before being picked off by a sniper.

Now, I don't want to get into the whole playing on the higher difficulty argument, but in this case Firefight has to be played on the higher levels to be fun, at least for me anyways. Oh, and before you say, I am not good at Halo.   read

9:30 AM on 10.08.2009

So I found this today....

It was epic. I sat for ten minutes looking at the screen after I had finished. Miami Shark is one of the craziest flash games I have seen. Just play it to see it in all of it's glory.


UPDATE: Here is a link, sorry for forgetting.   read

9:54 AM on 10.07.2009

It is to damn good!

So recently I downloaded all of the episodes of RetroforceGO! to listen to while the show is taking a break. I am about 40 episodes in and one thing is becoming apparently clear to me, I fear I may have overdosed on the show.

My Life is no where near as awesome as the Retroforce crew's. So if you want to be racked with crippling depression or a near suicidal attitude, listen to several episodes in succession or in a relatively short space of time.

On its own in its sperated by one episode a week it is the greatest podcast ever. I still have sixty episodes to listen to, I shall see if I have not dropped a toaster in the bathtub when I have finished. Until then:


4:03 PM on 10.06.2009

It is totally not Flow

I am a huge fan of flash games, and they are some of the most popular games out there. However, because so many are made and so many of them are bad, they usually get overlooked or are not in the limelight for that long. This is not a review, just a recommendation.

Judging from the title of this post, you can tell what I thought this was at first. And I was right, kind of. While the styles of the two games are very similar, Deep is a top down shooter, and if you liked how Flow looked, you will be happy here. The structure is very simple and there is a reasonable difficultly curve, however the bosses can take a while at times.

Deep can be as tactical as you want it to be. You can go it alone in each level or utilise your allies to your advantage. The AI in this game is very good and can offer up a reasonable challenge. The controls are fine, although I wish the game was faster at times.

While it is not the best top down shooter out there, it is one of the best made out there. Check this out on notDoppler if you are interested.


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