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Infinitestrike's blog

6:49 PM on 02.08.2014

I drew something using MS Paint

So this is my entry for Destructoid: MS Paint Edition: Round Two.          It took me well over 20 minutes to do.  I don’t know why on earth I picked this game to draw using a mouse. I think I must have a masochist streak or something. Anyway, it was still fun to do and I hope you guys have a go as well!   read

10:04 AM on 01.06.2014

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

So, here we are again with another incarnation of Link saving Hyrule from the clutches of evil. This time round our villain is Yuga, a vain sorcerer attempting to revive Ganon. He’s a bit like Dr Steinman from Bioshock, com...   read

9:48 AM on 12.18.2013

Bioshock Infinite: A Rant on the Vox Populi and Racism

So, when the promotional images for Bioshock Infinite first came out I was interested to see that the game was going to cover racism.  I wanted to see how the game was going to approach it. Were we going to get fully realised...   read

12:49 PM on 09.22.2013

Tomb Raider

This is the first Tomb Raider game that I've played since Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III back on the PS1.  That was ages ago, but this reboot still felt very familiar. They've managed to keep the atmosphere while updating...   read

5:50 PM on 02.03.2013

Thoughts on Hitman:Absolution

Hitman: Absolution is fun, but flawed. It’s immensely satisfying when you find a way to kill your target “accidently” instead of garrotting them or using a silenced gun. You can eliminate targets by poisoning food, blow some...   read

11:29 AM on 01.09.2013

Thoughts and Speculations on Pokemon X and Y

The announcement of Pokémon X and Y has been one of the few times I've genuinely been excited about a new Pokémon game. The last time this happened, I was 12 years old and a classmate had the American import of Ruby. I marvel...   read

3:08 PM on 10.16.2012

Alan Wake

I found Alan Wake to be a mixed bag. I loved the gameplay and mystery introduced in the very first episode. I liked exploring Bright Falls and meeting the colourful characters. The only minor issue I had at the time was Alice...   read

10:46 AM on 07.14.2012

Ghost Trick: Phantom Dectective

This is one of the most enjoyable games I've played on the DS this year. I was hooked straight from the start with its cast of colourful characters and crazy yet enthralling, storyline. It's a puzzle game but Shu Takumi ha...   read

4:31 PM on 07.08.2012

So I finally got round to playing Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 was a very enjoyable game. It’s very atmospheric in the beginning levels, particularly at the start when Issac is stuck in a straightjacket and must dodge the necromorphs. This was such a strong opening and the ...   read

3:42 PM on 05.29.2009 – Here we go AGAIN!

Well has recently updated to Mark Meltzer’s study. Normal enough you might think, except for a pretty weird, evil-loooking lunchbox near the side of his desk. In case you haven’t looked at the site rece...   read

10:26 AM on 03.09.2009

Bioshock 2 site – What the hell is going on?

I’ve been checking out, and someone has managed to hack the map. This hacked map was posted on the day of the site’s launch, and so far, all the updates match this map. http://dl.getdropbox.c...   read

10:01 AM on 03.02.2009

If a Street Fighter IV Movie was made...

The Minus World has some ideas on casting in the unlikely event that a Street Fighter IV movie is ever made: You can find the rest of the cast here: Let's hope Hollywood execs don't take this seriously.   read

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