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Infinitestrike avatar 10:30 AM on 08.03.2008  (server time)
Wait, I have to wait longer for my video games?!

According to the ever reliable Daily Mail, the video game classification system used in the UK is getting a complete overhaul. The current European one, PEGI (Pan European Game Information) is apparently, too confusing.

Yes, it really is.

Instead, they're going to use cinema style warnings instead. Hang on...

Now, seeing as I own a Wii and XBox 360, it seems as though the Wii uses the European system, while Xbox uses the cinema/DVD style ones. I don't know what the PS3 uses, so can anyone tell me?

Now this is because, and I quote : "Youngsters are using online auction sites such as eBay to buy games intended for adults, including Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto, Godfather and Hitman, which are all rated 18. Dr Byron found that many children outwit their parents about confusing and badly-signalled information on games packaging. She warned the Government that allowing children to play on computers unsupervised is as dangerous as letting them play outside on their own."

I'm sorry, did you find both packaging confusing and badly signalled? Is playing Halo 3 unsupervised really as dangerous as crossing the busy main road and swinging on a tyre swing in my park?

But the real reason that this annoys me is because of this : "The world's largest games developer, Electronic Arts, said the new scheme would be confusing for parents and would lead to games being released later in Britain than in the rest of the world."

Argh! Not only is it annoying for gamers in the UK, but surely this is saying that parents are as blind as bats or numerically illiterate or something that is unable to decipher age ratings on a box!

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