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Infinitestrike avatar 3:45 PM on 08.04.2008  (server time)
Feminists hate Bioshock! (SPOILERS)

This is an actual real post on some blog I came across while browsing on the Internet. I actually had to check to make sure I wasn't reading a part of Jim Sterling's Ban this Filth article.

Misogyny Has a New Game: Bioshock

That’s right. Hiding underneath all the accolades and slick marketing lies something much more sinister within — misogyny. Unlike most nefarious games, Bioshock starts off relatively benign. Only when your character acquires new weapons; called “plasmids”, does the misogynistic world of Rapture become embarrassingly obvious. You see, every plasmid comes with a tutorial demonstrating its abilities. In each video, players are treated to watching a poor innocent woman being eviscerated by a patriarchal, plasmid-wielding woman-hater.

Not even one paragraph in and you're writing utter bullocks already.

References alluding to male privilege are laced throughout; the victim is always dressed as a housewife (misogynists love their women subservient) and overtly feminine, the male assailant is always seen with a smug grin of satisfaction as he overpowers the “uppity” woman. Even the presentation is done in a stylized 1940’s manner, referring to an era in which women were seen as property.

Well, that's because Rapture was opened in 1942. So what the hell were you expecting? You're even saying that it's typical of the era!

Later on in the game, you’ll cross paths with Bridgette Tenenbaum, the only female character in the game.

Well done on completing the first 15 mintues. Now go off, finish the whole game and then then tell me how me how many female characters there are. 'Cause if you're including the Audio Diaries and the splicers then it's a hell of a lot.

She’s given very little screen time and is quickly relinquished as a babysitter for the children of Rapture, dubbed as “Little Sisters”. It’s disappointing to see a strong woman reduced to servitude but not surprisingly unexpected.

You know, as shocking as this may sound, there ARE women out there who enjoy looking after kids and are happy being a housewife. Tenenbaum chose to do it, she wasn't forced to. And why do you make the idea of looking after kids sound demeaning, anyway?

After playing Bioshock, I can only ask what kind of depraved individual could come up with such trash in today’s modern, gender-blind society? Kev Levine, Bioshock’s designer has often cited the philosophy of Objectivism as a major influence in his life and from this confession, I’ve been given the explanation for Bioshock’s sexism.

Except it's not sexist - most of the male characters are portrayed in a negative light.
You're just bashing a game so you can promote your little feminist agenda. The ability of people to act like total morons on the net never fails to astound me.

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