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Impsmash avatar 6:19 PM on 11.09.2012  (server time)
The Elder Scrolls Online: Win or Fail?

First on the list of things to Blog about . . . The Elder Scrolls Online.

So all of you have heard that the upcoming Elder Scrolls game is going to be an MMORPG.

(for more information check out this video)

Now that you have (probably) seen the video, lets talk shall we? So this is based roughly a thousand years or so before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Skyrim was set about 200 years after the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This game is pretty much stepping a few steps back and showing us how everything got to the way it was with the 3 factions included. Now, I am not going to do any research at the moment, but do it by ear meaning I will tell you what I have heard and seen in that video and from also some "reliable" sources I heard from way back. This is set in the time when Cyrodil was underneath the sort of "Undead" stage in which this country is a walking corpse's city. The 3 factions are stationed in 3 other countries such as Elsweyr and Skyrim and I believe Morrowind as well. The game allows the players to be able to venture through every island and every spec of land that makes up "Tamriel." This has really only been done in the first Elder Scrolls games such as Arena. Now, how is this working out? They have this thing called "A Mega Server" that can in turn hold as many players as it wants instead of having many minor servers with thousands in each one. I am only assuming the world is so massive that it can house that many people and it won't have any problem with cramp space you know? Plus there are islands as well which you can outcast all the idiots and lepers. I am curious if you could have player housing on some other island like the Yukon islands maybe? Well, anyways back to the point. I am assuming that the dungeons are instances where you can't just walk in and take anything you want and leave none for all the others. There is also this cool idea that there are real time events like a Werewolf or Vampire raid on a small lakeside village and you can defend it, and if you succeed then you will be recognized by the people and maybe in turn be the Patron "Saint" of the village and have a statue of yourself, would be cool (Like Hero of the Week type of dilly doo). I know I am just jumping around, but there is also the idea of "leadership" roles for players. I heard something from a developer that there is a possiblity to be crowned Emperor of all of the Empire. This would make sense with the masses of the ignorant that need to be lead to salvation and all that. Also, you can have large battles, I am talking about Total War type of deal where you can easily have 3k+ soldiers just besieging a stronghold or city for territory for your faction. Neat idea right? Though I think this whole mega server and pvp with huge masses of people and player leadership is a risky deal. I betcha at launch, there will be a very long wait for just getting in the damn login screen. Plus if someone Ddos's the server then everyone is fucked. This new game is a win and a fail. Win for a new leap in Elder Scrolls gaming, but a fail in some major possibilities that everything could go wrong you know? Ok well, thats it for now. Tune in next time for my next blog!

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