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Ignignokt01 avatar 2:48 PM on 09.02.2007
Skate Demo: Uber pwnagesauce?
I was skeptical. 'Not another Tony Hawk?' hmm... but how will they do it?
I saw the EA logo, and my hopes were crushed...

Then the demo came around on live, I said, 'what the hell', and gave it a try....

(3 hours pass... on a 30 minute timed demo)

I'm going to fucking buy this game and play the shit out of it, despite whatever reviews say (which I think will be highly positive anyways)

Seriously guys, I feel like how i felt playing the original Tony Hawk. Its that... 'fresh'? 'new'?
All I know is that this game is really fun and reminds me of how it feels to actually skateboard. No I'm not saying its THAT realistic, but its a shitload more realistic than those damn Tony Hawk games.

It finally takes some coordination to pull off a kickflip to grind combo, not just button mashing.

The most drastic difference from this game and Tony Hawk games is the grinding, no longer are you 'magically attached' to an edge or rail, you actually have to have a good amount of momentum and land perfectly on the rail to successfully grind off of it. And you lose your momentum very quickly.

I think this game will come as a surprise to many who had low expectations of it. I just hope the multiplayer aspects hold up.

Anybody else play the demo? What are your thoughts?

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