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Ignignokt01 avatar 6:22 PM on 08.28.2007  (server time)
Microsoft does the unthinkable, and ACHIEVES AWESOME!

You know what, I've always had a love/hated relationship with Microsoft, I've even been known to use the ever popular MicroSHAFT nickname from time to time, usually every time I resubscribe to Live, or have some silly Vista incompatibility issue.

So here's the story, I'll try and keep it short and sweet.

In March of 07, I bought a used xbox 360 premium for $300 off of craigslist. The deal was clean and I was happy. I immediately bought Gears and played the shit out of it, and Crackdown too which came out not long after. Then I got Guitar Hero, and now I was fucking in love with this console. All my friends too, as they had become just as addicted to the game as I did.

One day while browsing the tubes I discovered a tutorial on modding your 360's DVD firmware to play burned games. Being a mild pirate, this interested me. I justify it by saying I'm a poor student, but I don't deny its wrong. Anyways, thats all besides the point. The point is, I opened up my xbox, BREAKING THE WARRANTY LABEL, only to realize that none of my PC's sata cables were compatible with the DVD's. So I put it back together, and went back to playing all my retail games.

Meanwhile, the plague of the red rings continued to swarm over 360 owners across the world, and to save face, as we all know, Microsoft changed their warranty policy to cover all 360's for three years, for free.

Props to them, I thought. But I probably won't get the red rings, but if I do, oh boy I'm probably fucked because I ruined the sticker. Sadly, a couple weeks ago I did get the red rings. So I figured I'd at least try to send it to them. The tech support woman kindly said that they would not repair/replace it, but that I could try anyways.

In 2 days, I got the box, put the console in it, and sent it off. In just a week, I got an email saying they've sent it back. 'OH NO!' I thought, they must have not fixed it if it was there only a few days.

Oh how wrong I was. A few days later, today, the box came back and in it a fully refurbished 360, and as an extra bonus, a free 1 month subscription to Live. I am flabbergasted to say the least. For all the shit Microsoft sometimes puts us through, I have to say that this Xbox support has been most likely the best product support I've ever received, EVER.

Today I celebrate Microsoft in their efforts to fix the problem of the red rings, and I say no one should be afraid to buy a 360 due to the widespread problem. But I also recommend NOT trying to mod your box.



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