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Retro-Stores near Philly?

Sup Dtoid? It's been a while since I've posted here, getting a tumor excised from my back (it was benign, thank god), trying to finish up a semester at Penn State, followed by coming out of an engagement (at Comic Con NY, non...



Alright, this was sent to me in GTalk by a friend http://www.mariokartwii.com/showthread.php?s=d782d2f9af6c44d2a26091ff26f6eea1&p=29825#post29825 This link, has details of Mario Kart Wii lifted from Nintendo Power (supposedly...


Rock Band, the Ups and Downs.

I figure, now that I've had Rock Band for the Xbox 360 for almost a week now, I can safely give my two cents on the release without any hesitation. In core, the game play is much like you'd expect. It's "Guitar Hero" with dif...


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lol brb (will update soon, once I resolve the live account email password)

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