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Ichigo Style's blog

7:30 AM on 06.08.2008

So, Persona 3: FES? Or: How I learned to love RPGs again.

HAI GUYS, I'M REALLY LATE TO THE PARTY! First off, I'd love to say that I'm really REALLY not up to par with following what's been released for my PS2, and I haven't been for a year and a half since I left my job in hell (Ga...   read

1:05 AM on 06.01.2008

Retro-Stores near Philly?

Sup Dtoid? It's been a while since I've posted here, getting a tumor excised from my back (it was benign, thank god), trying to finish up a semester at Penn State, followed by coming out of an engagement (at Comic Con NY, non...   read

7:51 AM on 03.11.2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Off to a bad start?

Note: This isn't quite a "review" or anything of the such, it's actually something more of an open question to the community here :) I've got a few burning questions, and glaring faults here that I'd like to bounce off you gu...   read

5:12 AM on 03.05.2008

Microsoft was a bunch of asses about my 360 repair *rolleyes* (Or How my 360 won a Cancun Vacation)

Okay, so about 2 1/2 weeks ago, my 360 finally kicked :(, which was world shattering. This is the TERRIBLE story of the HELL that I had to go through to get my 360 repaired, GOD Microsoft is a bunch of fucking assholes! Righ...   read

12:59 AM on 01.22.2008

Dtoid Gods of Computer and Laptop hardware, halp!

Alright, dtoid. I've been looking at buying a new notebook for the last two or so months, and really been thinking about what exactly I want out of a laptop. Right now I'm using a 15 inch compaq, it's nothing terribly fancy, ...   read

10:22 PM on 01.18.2008

Let's have a civilized talk about "How Microsoft aren't being a bunch of pricks about the Xbox Live outage"

Is it just me, or are people being ungrateful? Microsoft, who has been completely forward with the issues and outages on Xbox Live, and seem to have finally gotten things under control, are offering you all a free game. No if...   read

4:08 AM on 12.27.2007

Nights: Journey of Dreams [Mini Review]

I liked this game much better when the context was much more vague... NiGHTS, everyone who owned a Sega Saturn knew about this game, for better or for worse, and it came with a really bitchin' 3D Controller. It was a surreal...   read

10:35 PM on 12.17.2007


Alright, this was sent to me in GTalk by a friend This link, has details of Mario Kart Wii lifted from Nintendo Power (supposedly...   read

8:12 PM on 12.05.2007

Hey Destructoid! Where should I buy my R4DS from?

It dawned on me today, between classes when I looked in my school bag that carrying around 5-6 DS games cases suck (I carry them in the cases because they're tiny). Fitting them on one nice little flash cart and strolling ar...   read

7:46 PM on 12.03.2007

Yeah, I only write about Rock Band here, shove it! *Replacement Guitar Came~!

When I feel like posting something else, by god, I'll post about something else. But I already wrote a 8 page paper for Psych today, so you guys get shafted. In any event, My Rock Band replacement Guitar came today, and appe...   read

9:16 PM on 11.27.2007

Hey Guys! :D Remember those really long steps that were posted to get your 360 Rock Band Drums to work in Windows?

Well whoever "figured out" this "great mystery" needs to be smacked. Smacked for making me think that I was going to have to actually do work to get my Rock Band Drums to work in Windows. I'm gonna show you ladies and gents a...   read

10:37 PM on 11.25.2007

Rock Band, the Ups and Downs.

I figure, now that I've had Rock Band for the Xbox 360 for almost a week now, I can safely give my two cents on the release without any hesitation. In core, the game play is much like you'd expect. It's "Guitar Hero" with dif...   read

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