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Icehearted avatar 2:17 AM on 02.27.2012  (server time)
Do They Even Want Money?

I've been watching how HD remakes have been popping up, and some are actually pretty darned good deals, while others are shameful cash-grabs. A great example of the latter would be the Silent Hill HD Collection and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Some really great opportunities missed with what come off as more or less lazy ports than full fledged high definition updates. In fact if some reviews are to be believed these updates are actually somewhat inferior in some cases, having made some questionable choices regarding their voice talent and visual updates.

More bothersome to me, however, are the missing pieces to these collections. Again, I'll use my previous examples here. With a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, one would assume including the game that started it all (the Solid... um, saga?) would be a no-brainer, but instead we get a PSP game port. We've already seen what an updated Metal Gear Solid would look like, so moving it to HD would have made this one of the must have collections available. Silent Hill, on the other hand, is much more devastating. This "collection" features a paltry two games from the series, and while I don't imagine many of you would have particularly loved seeing the fourth game return (would have been nice though) the absence of the first game is a glaring and off-putting omission. An updated version of the one that started it all, with all it's scares, ambiance, and surprising depth brought to life in glorious HD! Who wouldn't have wanted this? That could almost be a worthy remake on it's own!

It's baffling to me why publishers feel the need to get our hopes up and leave us flat with these releases, when nearly everyone literally shares the exact same ideas as to which as of yet unreleased remakes and collections would shine most for us. I've already described two, and it's pretty clear to us all how these could have been made into more than just cheap cash-grabs. I was never a fan of this sort of thing, however, unless they really made an effort to give us something that truly deserves a double dip. I fell for this when I picked up the weak God of War Collection, which really wasn't impressive at all. The game looks awful, almost nothing was really updated, and from a company that made the gorgeous God of War 3 this was a truly disappointing experience.

A few suggestions I'd like to throw out there; Dark Cloud HD Collection (or for that matter Dark Cloud 3), Onimusha HD Collection, Tenchu HD Collection, A DreamCast collection that isn't made of mostly forgettable titles, Kings Field HD Collection, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic HD collection, Mark of the Kri/Rise of the Kasai HD collection. I could do this all night.

Since they pretty much dropped backward compatibility, better collections would be fairly welcome. In some cases seeing games improved drastically in their visual and audio content to be relived or enjoyed by new players would be a pretty smart move, as many titles past were both original and just plain fun, from a bygone age predating streamlining for mass appeal, "better with Kinect", and DLC.

Really though, I just don't get how publishers that want to get money from people like myself manage to just keep missing the ball on something so simple it needs no explanation. Give us what we want, and we'd be happy to support you with our money.

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