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IceMax avatar 11:01 PM on 12.03.2007  (server time)
NEX TELLS ALL: The interview

For one of my classes at college, i had to do an interview with someone in the media(I'm a communication arts major, which mean i basically study film, TV, and radio stuff for serials. and then get a job in one of those fields.). I decided not to bother trying to get someone at a radio or tv station, since they probably wouldn't care or have the time to answer some questions. so where did i go? to destructoid! I knew most of the editors were either freelance journalists outside of d-toid or worked in the media, so i decided to send out an email to one of them, named Nex since he also hosted and set up the Podtoid podcasts (I plan on going into radio or audio production, so i figured he would be best since he would know about those things.) Literally 10 minutes after I sent him the email asking if I could do an interview with him, he replied and gladly agreed to do it with me. Aside from him being insanely fast at replying to emails, hes also really nice (I heard hes single too...). Now its time for me to tell you what I learnt about nex since my encounter and interview with him (now in cliffnotes format!)

Hes a guy

He always has an email terminal within reach of him. ALWAYS

The Portland Mercury is the hip paper to read these days

Hes not a virgin

he also doesn't have a liver anymore

catholic school made him a drunk in college

D-toid isn't doing internships....yet

he dreams of jumping into a huge pile of gold coins in his cartoon money vault, Scrooge Mcduck style

Nex's sellout price is 50k a year (that ones for you, gamespot!)

anddd thats about it. isn't college fun!

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