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IcEmonkey avatar 1:50 PM on 08.22.2011  (server time)
Warhammer 40k Space Marine Demo Review

My god relic! Relic! You've Fucking done it. And i haven't even played the entire thing!

Im a massive fan of the Warhammer 40k universe and fiction, and especially the RTS games. Now ive been looking forward to space marine for many a year now however, I was somewhat underwhelmed for some misplaced reason when seeing all of the footage, still really exited, but underwhelmed...

Now. I'm not anymore.

To put it bluntly, you really need to play this game to actually feel the weight of the space marines walk, of his swing of a Chainsword, of his foot crushing an orc's skull. Simply watching a Gameplay video doesn't do controlling captain Titus justice, the weight and animation is perfect.

Graphically Space marine could be better, However, I have only played the demo and i am hoping there to be more graphics options in the final release, Aesthetically Space marine is gorgeous, 40k fans will love what relic have done and this is just from the 2 small areas in the demo. Relic kept mentioning wanting to portray the sense of scale that is 40k and they have most defiantly achieved that.
The animation as previously stated is outstanding, and the combat feels fast heavy and fluid all at the same time, the bolter (again with the weight) also has the perfect weight to the bolts, they feel really impact-full when they rip through an orcs chest.

Oh and the orcs! My god they look freaking amazing! Im not even a huge fan of them as a race in 40k but the way they charge mindlessly at you is something thats great fun to see, the rigging and facial animation is that good (even on the orcs creatures which are in hordes) you can actually see the utter hatred and rage on their faces as they scowell and scream at you.

If anyone had any doubt about space marine after seeing the videos, I think they will be surprised at the actual game, its polished and extremely fun to play, it also is the first time we've been able to play a space marine in this way, up close and personal, and that i love.

I felt the need to write this as one, not everyone has access to the demo right now, and two if anyone had the same doubts as me i hope i can help extinguish them. I cant wait till the full game now, the demo only helped this!

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