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Ianidas's blog

2:49 AM on 07.03.2007

Your full-on Transformers movie review

Iíve been laughing at this picture for weeks. Now I canít come up with better words for it. Hereís your review.

I go into Transformers with an open heart but hands in my pockets. How come? Did you own generation 1 (affectionately known to you by G1 if you did) Transformer toys? Did you watch the show and or Transformers: The (real) Movie? Then no need to explain.

I wanted it to be good, itís like I was going to someone elseís prom, and that someone else Iíve never talked to in my life. Donít follow? As in Iím dreading it, Iíve seen the clips and while some of it doesnít look bad, on the whole I still am thinking this sucks and Iím going to have a miserable time. Anyone else feel that way about Michael Bay Gayís ďlatestĒ masterpiece? I mean the guy hada spotless track record before he decided to pick up that piece of all of our hearts called Transformers.

Oh damn sorry, the movie - Go see it. Iíll give it this, itís entertaining (for the most part) and itís funny at points. Then again itís not funny at points when it tries to be and it shouldnít. Thatís the worms in this wellington, overly comical. I mean I donít mind a few jokes here and there, I mean Iíll give you that itís a movie about gigantic morphing alien-machines so I guess a few puns are expected. But I mean I feel like the movie wasnít taken seriously at all, like almost everything in it was some kind of sometimes-funny usually-lame joke. On the other hand, the script was kind of a joke to start with I suppose (as in, the storyline isnít all too well written). Thatís why I say its entertaining for the most part, donít get me wrong - I was engaged, I enjoyed myself pretty thoroughly, I was entertained, but sometimes the joking nature of the movie in general was detracting.

The Transformers themselves? Pretty l33t. Which is why I wish they were in it more. Let me clarify, not that they werenít in it a lot, but the movie was much more centered around the human-survival aspect and to be honest, arenít we all here paying to see some super-robot-on-robot-action? There were only a very few Autobots featured really but they were still sweet enough, and the entire Decepticon Ďroll outí put a smile on my face. Iím just a little upset it was earlier in the movie, and there was a little more fighting going on between the two, although the fighting-quality in it was great enough for pretty much any Transformers fan. I still disagree with the overall look of Megatron of course, and the whole moving-mouth thing, but itís not the end of the world really.

My biggest beef : WTF do Autobots like suck? Not really ruining anything here, but the Decepticons are very much stronger than the A-Boiz. Even Optimus gets his robo-balls robo-rochambeauíd by Megatron, and how.

So on side notes - The girl is hot in it. The crowd was loud and boisterous, cheering loudly. Someone was rocking the helmet I want to buy so badly. $28? I might go hit that bad boy up tomorrow just because the real Optimus Prime will always rule, regardless of movies heís depicted in. But really, itís entertaining, itís fun, itís worth seeing, but itís not the hardcore transformerotica that I had been secretly writing fanficís about, merely softcore solo transformerotica.

Ianidabots, roll out.

: From - Ps I don't mean to steal thunder from BlindsideDork's thread but I'm saying 'oh noes' to work tomorrow so I figured I'd write it all up now.

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1:28 PM on 06.27.2007

The Darkness for $4

So Gamestop was sold out yesterday, but I found a little deal that got me The Darkness for Xbox 360 for a measley $4.

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10:05 PM on 06.26.2007

Manhunt 2 causes Utah murder

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