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10:37 PM on 05.29.2008

Confirmed by Daily Mail: Bethesda is Al-Queda

I havent posted here or on my own blog in some time, but this is newsworthy.


Today, the Daily Mail released an article about the risk of nuclear attack on the United States. This is “their” vision, as “This computer generated image posted on terror forums depict what would happen if a nuclear attack took place in Washington D.C”:

Perhaps the Daily Mail isn’t aware, but this isn’t something Al-Queda concocted and is distributing as a visualization, but from the upcoming video game Fallout 3. Unless of course Fallout 3 developer Bethesda is in fact Al-Queda itself, and thus I leave you with the simple facts: Playstation 3 programmers and terrorist organization Al-Queda hasn’t attacked America since 9/11 because their profits dropped heavily with the PS3 in trouble, so with it now turning a profit and back on track, I’d keep an eye out for something terrible on the horizon. God bless.

The link for any interested   read

4:55 PM on 10.22.2007

Why Video Games Live did not live up to my personal hype.

It's quite simple really. My favorite game (of all time perhaps) just so happens to be Final Fantasy 7. I also enjoy pretty much all other Square Enix games. I was ready to shed tears for the inevitable FF7 / FF10 sequences realized by a full orchestra and backed with the loves images of my gaming past.

Oh wait.

Square won't let them use any video from the games.

Seriously, what the fuck is that. Don't get me wrong the music was still awesome and the pianist truely made me reconsidered the capacity human hands can work at, but it was missing something. Something to fixate the eyes on an captivate, and I was left a little dispointed by that.

So what happens when eveyrone chants Kingdom Hearts? Oh yeah... they play random scenes from Disney cartoons. No sir, that doesn't work. I don't even like Kingdom Hearts but like, come on.

Other than that, it was pretty awesome and I loved it, the Metal Gear Solid bit was pretty awesome, Halo obviously, Mario and Zelda were cool too. AND I DID GET TO PLAY GUITAR HERO 3 HAYYYYYYYYYYYYy

(On a side note listen to my sorrow. I'm studying abroad in London til Dec. 18th. I have NO consoles with me. NO video games. NO DS/PSP... AND my internet connection is so shit poor I can barely play a flash game, let alone Steam and especially not my beloved WoW, so playing a real game and Guitar Hero 3 today was utter joy). I'm out pz.   read

12:38 PM on 10.21.2007

Dear Dtoiders, Who knows their computer/laptop stuff?

Alright so a good friend of mine comes to me today saying "Hey Ian, you play video games, you're good with computers, you're a computer science major.. Can you fix my laptop?" So of course I go uhhhh I'll take a look at it. Here's the dealio, Her laptop runs just fine when it's plugged into, but when you unplug it from the wall and it switches to battery power, after about 5 seconds it just completely turns off. Any thoughts? I'm assuming someone in this wonderfully immense community might be able to come up with something, and I any PC troubleshooting..communities..

PS it's a dell ispiron 6000 that helps any. It's not a battery option or any kind of 'power saver' thing I could see anywhere (plus what kind of an option doesnt let you use the battery at all essentially). I figured maybe a bios issue since it basically isn't using the battery at all, but don't know much about bios or what to do there.

i only know about bios..hock.

ha thanks guys   read

10:42 AM on 10.17.2007

Present for Justice (and you too, as well. also. cocks.)

I couldn't help but say this. You have indeed omitted the best soulja boy video on each and every inter net. I've yet to see it on dtoid, enjoi.

[embed]49602:3493[/embed]   read

9:31 AM on 07.13.2007

Rock Band price and release date

While I was scouring the internet for some Rock Band fix (since it's crack cocaine in my blood stream) I ended up at (which up til now i had no idea existed actually, since has developers blogs and what not), but either way I'm looking through this flashy and notice the preorder button, so naturally I click it and it gives you the options of GameStop and BestBuy, so I check both:

BestBuy has both (games only)listed for a 11/13/07 release on PS3 and 360. No peripherals listed however. Listed at 59.99 as usual.

GameStop on the other hand, has the games, peripherals, and bundles all listed (with prices) for a 11/20/07 release. Game same price, the wireless guitar is $20 more for 360 as already posted, and the bundle of all the insturments is the same 199.99 for PS3 and 360 alike. It does include the wireless guitar, a drum set, mic, and the game itself. Not bad, since if you each part alone it'll set you back $249.96 - so you save $50.

Which date is the real release date? I'm leaning towards the 20th on this one, since GameStop seems to have a lot more info on the game, peripherals, and offer if you preorder by the 19th you're gauranteed to get it (if you overnight) on the 20th. So they're offering a lot more than BestBuy too, who just have the game. So it's not set in stone, but look for Nov. 20th (give or take a week at most).

GameStop : Rock Band preorders
Px.   read

2:09 PM on 07.10.2007

The original destructoid robot?

So I'm on because, well, it's probably the funniest site on the net to be honest. Anyway, I saw this pic up there and I remember reading that they got the idea for the robot's design from an old old toy, then made the helmet out of old air conditioner parts (I think if I remember right), but what I saw this pic I figured this has to be the same exact thing, because the similarities are too hardcore for my to comprehend.

Just thought I'd share it if you haven't seen it.   read

2:49 AM on 07.03.2007

Your full-on Transformers movie review

Ive been laughing at this picture for weeks. Now I cant come up with better words for it. Heres your review.

I go into Transformers with an open heart but hands in my pockets. How come? Did you own generation 1 (affectionately known to you by G1 if you did) Transformer toys? Did you watch the show and or Transformers: The (real) Movie? Then no need to explain.

I wanted it to be good, its like I was going to someone elses prom, and that someone else Ive never talked to in my life. Dont follow? As in Im dreading it, Ive seen the clips and while some of it doesnt look bad, on the whole I still am thinking this sucks and Im going to have a miserable time. Anyone else feel that way about Michael Bay Gays latest masterpiece? I mean the guy hada spotless track record before he decided to pick up that piece of all of our hearts called Transformers.

Oh damn sorry, the movie - Go see it. Ill give it this, its entertaining (for the most part) and its funny at points. Then again its not funny at points when it tries to be and it shouldnt. Thats the worms in this wellington, overly comical. I mean I dont mind a few jokes here and there, I mean Ill give you that its a movie about gigantic morphing alien-machines so I guess a few puns are expected. But I mean I feel like the movie wasnt taken seriously at all, like almost everything in it was some kind of sometimes-funny usually-lame joke. On the other hand, the script was kind of a joke to start with I suppose (as in, the storyline isnt all too well written). Thats why I say its entertaining for the most part, dont get me wrong - I was engaged, I enjoyed myself pretty thoroughly, I was entertained, but sometimes the joking nature of the movie in general was detracting.

The Transformers themselves? Pretty l33t. Which is why I wish they were in it more. Let me clarify, not that they werent in it a lot, but the movie was much more centered around the human-survival aspect and to be honest, arent we all here paying to see some super-robot-on-robot-action? There were only a very few Autobots featured really but they were still sweet enough, and the entire Decepticon roll out put a smile on my face. Im just a little upset it was earlier in the movie, and there was a little more fighting going on between the two, although the fighting-quality in it was great enough for pretty much any Transformers fan. I still disagree with the overall look of Megatron of course, and the whole moving-mouth thing, but its not the end of the world really.

My biggest beef : WTF do Autobots like suck? Not really ruining anything here, but the Decepticons are very much stronger than the A-Boiz. Even Optimus gets his robo-balls robo-rochambeaud by Megatron, and how.

So on side notes - The girl is hot in it. The crowd was loud and boisterous, cheering loudly. Someone was rocking the helmet I want to buy so badly. $28? I might go hit that bad boy up tomorrow just because the real Optimus Prime will always rule, regardless of movies hes depicted in. But really, its entertaining, its fun, its worth seeing, but its not the hardcore transformerotica that I had been secretly writing fanfics about, merely softcore solo transformerotica.

Ianidabots, roll out.

: From - Ps I don't mean to steal thunder from BlindsideDork's thread but I'm saying 'oh noes' to work tomorrow so I figured I'd write it all up now.

Pz.   read

1:28 PM on 06.27.2007

The Darkness for $4

So Gamestop was sold out yesterday, but I found a little deal that got me The Darkness for Xbox 360 for a measley $4.

Check out how and an early review   read

10:05 PM on 06.26.2007

Manhunt 2 causes Utah murder

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