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7:30 PM on 11.26.2010

Fuggin Black Ops part 1

True Stories, all of these are.

Part 1. Fuggin Claymores


4:05 PM on 03.28.2010

5 reasons why (ff7)Cid is the hella coolest ff character ever created.

Having only played a few hours of FF12, seeing the ending to FF6, and watching the amazing cut
scene featuring Cid in ff7 that influenced me to write this. I can say without a doubt FF7's Cid
is hella cool. So hella cool, he is so mega ultra super saiyin hella cool. He is most defiantly the
hella coolest out of every ff character. They all pale in comparison to this man. And I'm about to
tell you why.

1. He influences many games to this day.

Every good game we have come to love has been influenced by Cid. Valve clearly adores him,
because tf2 was strongly influenced by Cid's amazing personality.



As well borderlands has a character which subtly is undoubtly Cid. I'm speaking of course
about T.K. Baha. They both have the same accent and are hella cool.

Hell, you can clearly see Cid and Barret influenced Gears of War.

Just look at those guys, they are clearly paying homage to our beloved Cid.

2. Every other ff character is a pu**y or black.

Don't you dare even say Cecil or Cloud even comes close to being as hella cool as Cid. This
Guy can kick their stupid pu**y asses so hard, they won't have an ounce of angst or mellow drama
left. As well it's an insult that Square put these other Cids into the other ff games. These
other Cids are such an insult to ff7's Cid. I would spit on everyone of their pu**y faces, and then
my man Cid would curb stomp their asses.

(also Barret and that black guy from ff13 are pretty cool.)

3. He knows how to control his woman.

This is a man's man. He doesn't let his woman back talk. Hell I'm suprised he lets her talk at all.
I feel my word's can't describe this properly, so If I could find the video I would embed. But take my word, it's amazing.

4. He was in Contra 3.

Cid is so f***ing hella cool he was in Contra 3, the most balls hard man's game for men who are
misogynists. It's clearly him in that game. Blonde hair. Hella cool. Fighting for his aryan nation.
Not letting some "alien" marines or bugs or EVEN F***ING GAINT ROBOTS stand in his way.

Oh did I mention, THE F***ING HUGE GAINT ROBOTS!

This was before he was even in pu**y ff7. I'm so angry that he ended up in such a pu**y
weeaboo game like ff7, and as a result ended up getting his image completely trashed by that awful
Advent Children mewvie.

That doesn't even look like the man that Cid is!That's weak Square. You don't need to hate on Cid because he's so much more hella cool than you.

5. He hangs out with a black who has a chaingun for a hand!

What more is there to say. He hangs out with Barrett, a guy with a chain gun for a hand WHO IS ALSO BLACK! I suppose I should explain why Cloud, who spends more time with Barrett, is still not hella cool. This is because Cloud is so much of a pu**y f****twho cares.

Also Cid smokes, which is extremly hella cool.   read

9:07 PM on 03.26.2010

How to use the worn down game formula.

This will work with any game. It's already been proven it even works with tetris.

Here is the basic form:

I'm only, like, an hour in. But (game name here) is SO relentlessly terrible. A game has never worn me down like this.

There's no reason for these ___________. All they consist of is__________. (________________________) I'm not even leveling up! They literally threw some _________ in just to split up the horrible _________!

It's even worse than I expected. And people said the ________ were good!

Of course you'll have to modify more than just fill in the blanks, but you get the idea.

Here are some good examples:

That's me ^ :D

Here's the link to the original thread -   read

8:44 PM on 01.26.2010

Emerging from the womb of Dtoid

Intro blog this is. I suppose since this is my first blog I'll tell a little about myself. Well I've been gaming since the SNES era, though I didn't own my own console until 1999 when I got an N64. Up until then I just had a friend whose house I would go to, because he had everything (Genesis, SNES, PSX, etc.) So, I've been playing games almost every day of my life since that faithful christmas in 1990.

I Thought I'd start off by telling my 5 favorite games, and explain why they are so.

5. Team Fortress 2

I have 242 hours clocked in on this game in steam. Holy shit, I have a played this game a lot. It is the multiplayer game that I have played far too much of, it's hard to admit. Just something about the classes, with how different they feel but how well they are balanced keeps me coming back. The characterization of the game is better than almost every other game out there, and it's a bloody multiplayer game. I got so tired of the army and space marine multiplayer games that Team Fortress 2's characterization and amazingly well balanced game play seduced me. I have to admit, when I first played it I didn't like it, but after spending a few hours in it I grew to love it more than any other multiplayer game.

4.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Still wasting hours a month in this game, it never fails to be fun. The radio stations are some of the best humor in video games, the map is one of the biggest and most varied, the story is one of the most crazy yet emotional(at least for me btw fuck Big Smoke and Ryder) story lines. This game has so much. Carl Johnson is one of the few game protagonist I actually care about, and he's a fucking criminal! As well, I can just spend all day and night dicking around in the city, and with some of the most fun cheats out there, this game almost never gets old.

3.Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

Mind you, I'm not talking about Snake Eater. While a fantastic game Subsistence is much better. But oh man, talk about an emotional game, the end to this game is the closest I've ever coming to crying while playing a game(yes even closer than in Shadow of the Colossus).The story will have you hooked from the beginning, and the twists will leave you shaking in your boots. The Stealth in this entry of the MGS saga, I think, is at it's best. Hiding in the woods was a lot more fun than in Alaska, the middle east, south america, etc. Being a prequel I can recommend this game to anyone new to MGS, for they won't be left too lost while playing. As a matter of fact, I played this game first out of all the MGS's and it still remains to be my favorite.

2.Super Metroid

Lord knows how many times I've played through this game. I have the map pretty much imprinted on my brain. I have no idea why I fell so in love for Super Metroid as a kid, but it sure as hell stuck. Maybe it was the exploration, or the new mysterious world. All I know is Super Metroid has some of the most solid gameplay out of any 2-d game. With being given new abilites, it really feels like you are progressing in the game, instead of just running through it not doing anything. The boss fights still feel epic in the day and age of 1080p. This game will forever be fun, forever be mysterious, and forever be in my heart.

1.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Yes, this is generic, but I don't give a shit, I love this game like I will never love another. This was the first game that I,myself, owned. This is the game that drew me into it's world and left me in mystery to learn all of it's secrets. This is the game that terrified me in the Shadow Temple. This is the game that mystified me in the Spirit Temple. This is the game that captured what I wanted in a game so well, it's the only game I have ever 100%. This is the game that frustrated me in the water temple. This is the game that made me proud to show off my horse to my other lil friends. This is the game that defines what video games are to me.   read

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