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2:53 PM on 11.30.2010

my week so far: snow and disappointment

So yeah its nowing in Ireland right now. Kinda puts a blanket over the fact that our countries fecked but that's a different story for a different website.

I started my week fairly optimisticly. last year when it snowed the schools shut down for about a week. so expected to be sent home on monday morning. This is where the disapointment starts.

So yeah school didnt get cancled. Which means a week of trecking it to school in the snow. I feel sorry for people wo live in constantly snowy areas, how do you put up with it? its fun for a while but eventually it just gets annoying.

I went to see deathly hallows part 1 on monday after school. The say expect the worst and you'll be plesantly suprised.......... I wasn't suprised. I was an avid reader of the books and enjoyed the films when i was a few years younger. But this was just abismal. Although i did enjoy the animation style that was used for the origin story for the deathly hallows. it was the highlight of the film for me.

so there you go a monday in my boring life. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.   read

5:00 PM on 09.01.2010

Goodbye my childhood i hardly knew ye

right now i'm lying in bed typing on an ipod touch so i would like to apologize in advane for any typing mistakes.

My summer nay my childhood comes to an end on monday. it is on this day that i will return to school once again. i will be starting my 5th year of secondary school, which means more homework, more projects, less fun, less games and a lot less time playing red dead redemption.

On monday i will rise from bed at seven o'clock (alas i had become so accustomed to waking up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon), shower, prepare my school things and begin my half hour train ride to school. i will take that train every single day for the next year i will see the same people on that train every day but i will never know their names.

later in the school year i turn 17. that is why i feel that this school year marks the end end of my childhood soon i'll be be out looking for a job and next year i'll be sitting the the exam that will decide where i go in life. after that with any luck i'll be off to college. three years till college. that scares me a little.

Goodbye childhood i'll miss you dearly. at least we went out with a bang.
(please see my previous blog post about my trip to holland for bang)

Slán go foill,
do cara,
Eoin.   read

8:06 AM on 08.07.2010

Please 2k dont make me want mafia 2

Feck. thats all i can say. this a game that was completely off my radar, something i couldnt give a shit about. then i saw this now i want it. i know the trailers from a year ago but i only came across it recently. its bad enough with medal of honour (i refuse to spell honour the american way) and the bad company 2 vietnam expansion coming out soon FECK, i had everything planned out there were no other games i wanted coming out for the rest of the year, just those 2 and maybe i'd rent black ops. im 16 and i have no job so all i have is the money i save. this game is going to have me rethinking my hole plan.

maybe i should rent mafia 2 but its a sandbox game which usually take a while to finish so i wont be able to finish it before i bring it back. maybe i chould skip the vietnam expansion except i love bad company and i'm dieing for some new maps/weapon/vehicles to spice things up. i think that i'll rent medal of honour since the multiplayer dosent interest me at all (the single player looks amazing though).

yeah thats what i'll do. buy mafia 2, buy vietnam expansion and rent medal of honor.
But what about black ops i hear the cod fanboys cry, my cousin will no dout buy it since he loves cod. myself and my cousin loan each other games a lot so i'll get to play blackops for free.

thanks for that 2k you made me rethink my whole plan.

feck sake.   read

9:19 AM on 07.28.2010

my trip to holland also my first blog EVAR!!!

So yeah where to begin, i'll start by saying that no im no writer so i apologise in advance for any bad spelling/grammer/whatever. oh another thing im irish and im 16 so expect a fair amount of cursing (to quote tommy tiernan "the english language is like a big brick wall between an irishman and happiness, and fuck is my chisel").

im in scouts and every summer we go on a 2 week camp to somewhere in europe. before you make any accusations of "Z0MG SCOUTS R gAy L0LZ FAG" i'll say this my troop is like no other troop in that we dont do jack shit. i'll put it this way i drank more bottles of strongbow (cider < beer nuff said) than i tied knots.

im gonna talk about what i would consider the 3 big things that happened:
:the venture trip to germany
: trip to arnhem
:trip to amsterdam

For those who dont know ventures are baisicly older scouts (age 15-17) who get more freedom on trips and have meetings seperate from the younger scouts.

every year the ventures in my troop get a weekend to themselfs in a hostel of our choice (we have to organise it ourselfs though). so midway through the camp myself and the other ventures got on a train to germany and left the younger scouts behind (with the leaders obviously).

i cant remember much about my time in germany due to high alcohol consumption but this is what i do rembember

: being disappointed that they dont sell cider in germany ( i looked EVERYWHERE they just dont sell it)
: drinking lots of beer
: doing a shot of some drink i can't pronounce (yeger something?)
: doing drunken freerunning. it wasnt really freerunning we just jumped over fences, but when drunk on something you cant spell walking up steps feels like freerunning.
: running on train tracks
: geting off tracks just before a train came.
: gettin a lapdance from one of the girl ventures. sounds sleezy but we were both pissed so we didnt notice
: swimming in the rhine (sober obviously)
: goin on a rhine cruise (again sober)
: drinking beer again
: watching three of my friends get sick into a bag and put the bag onto the roof. our room was on the top floor so we lust put it outside the window.

thats about all i can recall of the venture trip.

for those who dont know arnhem is the site of one of the bloodiest battles of ww2, operation market garden. despite history being my favourite subject im not going to get into too much details about the battle just look it up on wikipedia (i am sure there are much better sites out there for ww2 information but whatever). while in arnhem we visited a museum in what i think was an old hotel once held by the germans, theres not much i can say about this its just a typical museum with guns and quotes lining the walls.

after the museum we visited a small nearby graveyard for those who gave their lives fighting for the allies.
it was one of the saddest experiences of my life. men some no more the a year or 2 older than me killed in the travisty that is war. its the quotes on the gravesstones that really hit home, there was one that made me cry it went something like this "a magnificent soldier and a brilliant son love mam and dad" writing it down here it doesn't seem so sad but when see it on a gravestone surrounded by hundreds like thats when it hits you.

being irish the section for members of the irish guards really inspired me, these men didnt fight for queen or country they fought for the people of europe, they had no obligation to fight but they did any way.

on a lighter note DRUGS!!! noting hardcore just one joint (white widow is what the waitress called it)purchased leagally from a caffe. this being my first time i got moderatly high quite quickly. theres not much to say really we just walked around smokin joints then when sobered up we went to an irish pub in the redlight district, left got high again bought one of my friends a hooker waited till he was finished (10 mins) then sobered up and went home.

so yeah thats my scout trip to holland i used a lot of less curs words then i thought i would, but what the feck can you do about that? obviously the leaders didn't know about what went on in amsterdam but i think this proves that the scouts isn't all tying knots and shitting in the woods.   read

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