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I play games, games that world seems to have moved on from, i.e. Arena FPS. I am also old, having walked this earth for 28 years I know next to nothing about everything. I am also a veteran having served my nation for 8 years and breaking both my arms in the process. In general I am pretty easy going and despite my initial statement I play virtually everything but FPS's are really my forte'. Outside of gaming I like spending time with my wife and kid, mtn/road biking (hit me up if you're in the western ny area) and tinkering with my pc and fleet of bikes. Fighting with strangers on the internet is also a thing I do.
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PSN ID:Combat_Pedro
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WOW ID:Nastyhealz
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*Letter from the editor: This was originally supposed to go up in Oct. of last year. However, due to the person this blog is sort of targeting, going through a difficult time I decided to hold off. Not everything said within here is serious or true, well the rv and jobless bit is, but mostly it is merely trolling on infantile level.*

 A lot has changed since my last post, since then I've broken both my arms, had a baby, lost my job and moved cross country. But being jobless and living in an RV on my father in laws front yard does not keep me up at night, what torments me during my sleepless nights are the responses I got on my last post. A certain Mod and user thought fist fucking each other with spiderman memes would scare me away. Well it didn't, I'm back and here to stay. He cried for proof on first ever post, he then later cried for interaction on my third. This conflict has a deep history people and much sleep has been lost in finding a way to combine proof and interaction into a single act, but I have found a way. Its simple, I will send a 100 proof through your window complete with flaming rag. Proof and interaction on level never before seen! You'd best be ready for some interproofaction (its a new word, just go with it).

Its true! I saw him fuckin' do it!

Some of you want "indisputable proof" well here it is; run a DULL pizza cutter down your ass crack. The sensation should be oddly familiar and you now should have two asses! Now imagine what Gods diamond bladed pizza cutter could do to your soft ass flesh if he was as careless as you just were. And to the others, this is the hottest fuckin' spam level garbage you could ever hope to fucking fap to. Refer to earlier blog responses to understand why I rage.

Yea, I STILL do that.

[font='Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Oh hey I'm new here wuz up I've been reading the site for 99 years and this is my first blog! I like tacos! Nice to meet everyone!!! [/font]