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Persona 4 Arena EU update

So people in Europe who expected P4A last month you must be wondering where its gone so going post latest info here I know this is mainly a US site and you already got P4A but us in europe still dont have it Taken from Pers...


Stuff Said In Outer Haven - Zeke Edition

Thor wanted another look at Outer Heaven and I can't deny the sexy man Who is Andy Dixon The legend has returned The next day White people problems This gif explains what the next part is about til next time


Stuff Said In Outer Heaven - Fatman edition

Not much happened this week but this is a weekly thing so going to use stuff cut from last weeks and the few things that happened this week LETS GO TO ANOR LANDO (I swear if nobody mods this into Dark Souls PC i will lo...


Stuff Said in Outer Heaven

When you log in you might notice something in bottom right of your window This is a chat window where you come to chat about latest news or completely random stuff....mainly random stuff. So what I intend to do this post i...


About Hystzenone of us since 4:19 PM on 09.14.2011

A guy who sometimes blogs about the chat window Outer Heaven if im not being lazy or try to muster the courage to care. From a country who are known for villains, crumpets, tea and selling our washed out footballers to America.

The dark island of England

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