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A guy who sometimes blogs about the chat window Outer Heaven if im not being lazy or try to muster the courage to care. From a country who are known for villains, crumpets, tea and selling our washed out footballers to America.

The dark island of England
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9:32 AM on 09.28.2012

So people in Europe who expected P4A last month you must be wondering where its gone so going post latest info here

I know this is mainly a US site and you already got P4A but us in europe still dont have it

Taken from Persona Europe facebook

Ok so they need a EU build from Atlus but not going to localize it , in short i can say they have no clue whats going on , Atlus seems to have messed up by forgetting about Europe (nothing new, we dont even have P3:FES on PSN).

To sum up honestly I would not expect it this year and dont get excited over getting a bonus.

With P4A getting messed up i honestly be shocked if P4G will be released on time in Europe next year. I love Atlus but man they need sort out distribution to Europe its not first time either Catherine took ages for no reason.


Photo Photo Photo

Thor wanted another look at Outer Heaven and I can't deny the sexy man

Who is Andy Dixon

The legend has returned

The next day

White people problems

This gif explains what the next part is about

til next time

Another week another OH blog

slow news week but here we go


Gardening >>>>>>>>>>>Xbawx

Dtoid is cock crazy

Here is what Jinx looks like in real life

Here is what Greg looks like in real life with John Cho

At 9:05pm GMT gobbler was found dead

Stop reading this and go out do something

Another look into that chat window in the bottom right and unlike comments of the week where you get some insightful deep comments I just pick the stupid stuff.

So come join us we need some fresh meat

:( its not that bad

Yeah we tend do this sort of stuff alot

I've been waiting for my Deus Ex Augs, looking through walls to help my stalker habit here I come


Medusa orgy's in a chalice are the best kind I heard

I do too

Been a while since a recap of the world of Outer Heaven chat, time to return to this dark and crazy place.

This week its all about

This went on for about 40 fassminutes

Good news i forgot i had some screen shots saved and added some new stuff so the series continues be a weekly


Avengers was great

Shotgun gets to show you some of his knowledge and wonder this week

The question is people use Yahoo ?

we should be casting agents, it be the best super hero film ever

The OH people solve the mystery of Sofik

HE COULD BE ANY OF US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweet dreams