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HyrulianSpartan's blog

4:26 PM on 01.22.2008

R.I.P Heath

Go here for details

I know you probably heard, but actor Heath Ledger was found dead today in his NYC apartment. I personally was quite shocked by this, and I know many of you were too. He was currently filming a movie in London, but you can watch his final performance as The Joker in the movie The Dark Knight to be released this summer, personally I was [still am] looking very forward too

My deepest condolences for his family   read

11:18 AM on 01.21.2008


Yeah I'm not new to blogging, I am a famed blogger of sorts on another site (GT). I put almost all my effort on those, but I think I can come up with something here...i just gotta think about it   read

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