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I Want to Punch Konami in the Face

FOR FUCK SAKES MOTHER FUCKER! Konami you dirty bastard cock sucking knob gobbler. I'm so mad at this stupid ass developer right now. do you want to know why? HUH?! DO YOU!? Okay, here is the story. I just finished Peace Wa...


I had the strangest dream last night (shortblog)

I was in the President of the United States' office. Only that it wasn't Obama, it was Bill Clinton. I kept trying to go on Destructoid, just so that the next day I would be able to make a blog about how epic it was that I went on Dtoid in the President's office. Only whenever I entered the url, it automatically took me to a pr0n site. The weirdest thing? I'm Canadian..


Next next next next gen consoles

I've been thinking allot about the upcoming consoles. Not the ones right after these current ones, but the ones after that, and the ones after that. Graphics can get better, that's a given. But what happens when shit's exac...


Cops play WoW?

A couple of days ago I was in my local electronics store looking for an AC adapter for my car. A policeman walks in with his partner. I notice he is buying some PS3 games, some NBA shit, a headset, that kinda stuff. As he is ...


About HydroTonixone of us since 3:27 PM on 12.23.2008

hi im hydrotonix and im not cool. fuck my life i wish i was as cool as garison

(0)____(o) <-----also, I'm a four eyes.

I wish I was dead.

...Hacked by garison*


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