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    A few months ago, when the rumors first started popping up around different sites about the NGP, I was really excited over it. Well, not that I wasn't ecstatic about the 3DS, because I totally was. I had my mind set on the 3DS simply because I prefer Nintendo's games over Sony's. I held off on buying a 3DS not because its a bad console, or I don't like the games *droolLoZ:OoTdrool* but because I cannot see the the 3D screen.

    I have always been pretty much blind in my right eye. Its so bad that my good eye just takes over the bad unless my good eye is closed. As you know the 3DS display has two layers and each layer shoots at the opposite eye and in turn creates the illusion of the images on the screen seeming somewhat 3D.

    When I first got my hands on a 3DS, I was wondering if it would work for me, I have dabbled a little bit in other 3D mediums, like the 50 inch 3D televisions you see in stores and all that just to try out. They never worked for me. Jackass 3D in the theaters did not work either. It is very frustrating for me not to be able to witness and be a part of this new "revolution" of 3D. It seems alot of the big names are taking part in it, not so much Microsoft, but Sony and Nintendo sure like to get their sticky little fingers inside of any new kind of technology that comes around. Motion Controllers, cameras, microphones, touch screens, pretty much anything new that comes out the big N is the first and Sony is right behind.

    I will most definitely eventually buy a 3DS but what they have to offer right now just isn't what I want. I want games. Sure there are already a few good ones out I'm sure, but not enough for me to buy another upgraded DS when I already have about 25 games on my DSi I haven't even gotten halfway through yet. Since the 3D doesn't work for me the only thing I would want one for is the new games that are coming out.

    The PSV is actually kind of more appealing for me right now, when it comes out I know I will be one of the first in line for one in my small town. Not only is it affordable, well for what your getting anyway, a touch screen, rear touch pad, beautiful graphics, online play that actually looks pretty good for a handheld, probably the best that I have seen in my opinion. The two sticks will really add a whole new level of play on a handheld. The Vita looks like a great little system to me for 250 bucks.

    It will most likely eventually get a Call of Duty game which I am really excited to see and try out. I always wanted a good first person shooter on my PSP. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 was actually an alright game with laggy ass fun shitty online play. Surprisingly you can still log on and find a match with relative ease. The face buttons really suck for FPS's on the original PSP. And that may be one of the reasons the PSP didn't really do as well in North America because Americans and Canadians are so into first person games these days.

    On that note, it really pisses me off how all these people like only play these shooter games, they are alright for a little while, I mean I pristiged twice in Modern Warfare two on PS3, but I can't see how people can play ONLY COD. I mix it up with all types of games, Adventure games, Role Playing Games, Puzzlers, Rhythm, Platformers, Shmups, all that stuff. ANNYYYWAAAAY,

    the point I am trying to get at is, Nintendo has never brought up the issue I am having with the 3D display and I have never heard anyone bitch about it online. Me and my younger brother both have the same problem with our eyes and can't see the 3D display. It would be cool if you could actually buy a cheaper 3DS without the 3D display. That is kind of out of the water here but I'm just saying, they could probably drop the price 60 or 70 bucks on their new system and sell a fuck load more of em. The 3D is a gimick in my eyes and I don't want that shit. Period. It doesn't even work with my glasses.

    I will buy a 3DS eventually, but not until after I buy a PSV. The PSV looks like a better deal for my hard earned money and I just don't really like the direction nintendo is going with all the gimicks. Give me a Gamecube 2 and I will come back to your side. Normal Controller, no waggle shit, no touch screen, no camera, none of that bubble gum "next generation family lets get grammy to play wii golf it will be awesome I love to see how much I weigh on my balance board and OH SHIT I LEAN ON MY RIGHT LEG TOO MUCH I'M GUNNA HAVE SCHOLIOSIS WHEN I'M 70" bullshit.

    Sorry guys, but i'm gunna have to say Sony Playstation Vita for me this generation guys. Thanks for listening.

    FOR FUCK SAKES MOTHER FUCKER! Konami you dirty bastard cock sucking knob gobbler.

    I'm so mad at this stupid ass developer right now. do you want to know why? HUH?! DO YOU!?

    Okay, here is the story. I just finished Peace Walker. I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Except for the part where I pretty much had to grind for a whole day to get the C4 so I could blast through a stupid ass wall.) So I decided I would try out Metal Gear Online. I looked forward to it all day. I fired up old garison's PS3 and slapped in the Guns of the Patriots blu ray. After excitedly pressing the "Metal Gear Online" option from the main menu, it told me I had to update. So I said, "All right, whatever, updates are minor on my 360, at the most they take 5 to 10 minutes."

    I press the download button and sit and watch the t.v. excitedly for 4 hours while it updates. Right when it is finished garison gets home and plays three hours of Final Fantasy Thirteen. By the time he is done and off to work I am antsy and pissed off because I just wanna kill some Big Bosses.

    It then makes me invent some stupid ass "Konami id". Whatever the FUCK that is. So I go along with it as fast as I can and go on the computer, answer my gmail, follow the link, do the shit about passwords and shit, and whatever. I'm done.

    OK, let's play. This is going to be dope. I was let down when peace walker did not have online play, (Only co-op) so I wanted to check it out asap mode. I hit Play game and it tells me that I cant play. There was already one konami id mgso id thingy i dont know what its called made on my ps3 and I cant play because it only allows one konami id on one ps3.

    OH MY FUCKING GOD. And it tries to sell me another "Player Slot" for 6.99. Fuck that shit i dont have any money or a credit card. I already spent all my money on your stupid ass non-online game peace walker(unworthy of capital letters to me now).

    Fuck you konami.

    Anybody else see anything fucked up with this picture?

    Cause Jim is annoying and blogs suck and funny stuff is lame and games are boring. Yee yee nikkuuh

    When I saw the trailer for this game it made me confused. It's taking the route that Skate. took when it was first revealed. They're marketing it to actual skateboarders. People that understand what it's about, people that know about skateboarding. As far as I can tell there have been no games that have been what skateboarding is actually about. Bloggers and reviewers praised Skate. for how realistic it was. How much it is actually like skateboarding IRL.

    To tell you the truth it is nothing like it. In skate, it takes you two seconds to learn how to do a trick. Kickflip 180's in the game are simple. In real life it took me weeks to learn, and get the hang of that trick. It still gives me trouble.

    Now I know that it's just a game, it shouldn't be like the real thing. If it were, it would take your entire life to master. People thought that the game was like skating because it looked like skating. An animation of a man masturbating looks like a man masturbating, it doesn't mean it's an actual person masturbating, or how it looks to be a person masturbating. Just like masturbating, everyone does it differently, everyone has there own style. In Skate. you cannot add your own flare to your style. If you youtube Corey Duffel, and Paul Rodriguez, you will be able to see the different styles. They both skate the relatively same obstacles, but they do there own tricks off of them.

    Paul is definately more laid back than Corey.

    Now to Tony Hawk's Ride. Its really too early to tell, but I bet it will be more gimmicky then a fat slut eating a dildo shaped carrot. Look at the thing. The teaser is awesome, it really gets across what skateboarding is about. Creativity, art, style, fun, excersize, friendship. When you are a skater and you go to an unknown or new city, you dont have anything to be afraid of. You have someting in common with it. Skateboarding, no matter where you go, you will always make friends.

    My guess is that the peripheral will be shit. It looks solid, but it has nothing to do with an actual skateboard. Its fucking PLASTIC. What can you do with it, lean back, forward, and side to side. You probably have to hold a fucking controller in your hand to do the tricks. No offence guys, but I would bet one dollar that none of you skate. Not one of you would be able to balance on the tail for more than 3 seconds without falling on your fat tooshies. The thing is pointless. There really is no reason, or room for it to exist.

    Maybe i'm just being too literal, but this thing looks horrible. I really don't see how it will add to the skateboarding community. There is, and never will be a game that will capture skateboarding the way it should be. Pushing down the city street, weaking through cars, the wind on your hair(oh fuck I just said the wind in your hair...Fuck my life), video games just can't emulate that. There is no way to capture the strong feeling of accomplishment and freedom you get from landing a trick, or simply just cruising down the street next to your best friend and kickfliping over a man hole.

    I don't think that any of you have heard this side of the arguement (issue?) so I hope this shed some light on skateboarding games from the perspective of an actual skater. I feel very strongly about these game, don't get me wrong, I love em' to death. I played TH Underground until my balls dropped. Anyone want a challenge. I really can't wait to play TH Ride just to see for myself.

    Pip, Pip, cheerioh.

    Wow, what an amazing show. So many amazing community members, so many editors. This was the best podtoid to date.

    If you missed this episode, you cannot really call yourself a dtoider. You need to listen to it as soon as it is available for download tommorrow.

    Episode 100, wow, it seems like only yesterday I stumbled upon Dtoid in grade 10 computer class. The site has evolved so much over the past year and a half, like seriously, you dont even know. :D

    Well, heres to another 100 episodes, possibly even more. I love all you guys.

    Keep livin the dream friends.

    EDIT: I think I posted this during a meme, so I dont think anyone read it. Enjoy.

    n Japan, the Dragon Quest series is just as, if not more popular than the Final Fantasy series (or so Iíve heard). This being my first Dragon Quest game that I have ever played I was a bit sceptical, as I did not think that it would be as good as my first, and favourite Final Fantasy Game, Final Fantasy III for the DS.

    So far the game is very, very fun. There are five chapters in the game, in each chapter you play a different hero. Hence the name Chapters of the Chosen. I have played the game for around four hours, and I have just started the second chapter. So in all, I donít think the game will take very long to beat.

    The battle system is very classic RPG. On the top screen it displays a picture of each party member, with corresponding HP, MP, LV, and who they are attacking/what their battle command is. On the bottom screen it displays a pretty little sprite of your enemy and your command options. The commands are fairly generic, seeing as how it is a very generic RPG. Not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact I prefer my role players that way. Options such as Attack, magic, item, and run are available.

    The cool thing about the game is that all the buildings, bushes, montains, trees, etc are in 3D, but all characters are sprites. And these sprites are somply beautiful. They are clear, colourful and sharp. What I really hate about most SNES RPGs is that you cannot walk diagonally, but what I first noticed in this game is that you in fact can walk diagonally. This made me really happy. All angles of the sprite are really beutiful, I really appreciate this aspect of the game.

    When walking in a town or in a building, you can rotate the camera with R or L. This adds to the experience because as you obviously know, you can usually search cupboards, baskets, bushes etc with the A button. But to see the front of some objects you must rotate the camera.

    The characters are interesting, the game is beautiful, there is really no reason for you to not pick this game up. I am really enjoying it, and I donít really want it to end.

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