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Daniel Husky Lingen avatar 11:27 AM on 07.09.2007  (server time)
E for All OWN3D by Fatal1ty; I was Thinking About Going...

Fatal1ty managed to sell out again. In his most recent reach for money, the walking billboard has decided to team up with IDG Word Expo to make the most product placed E for All Expo EVER. The overly popular professional gamer is taking on what IDG hopes has replaced the E3 expo all together. He'll be doing everything from just appearing to taking on challanges. However, unfortunately for us "normies" , he won't be doing anything that will make him look like anything less than a god. We wouldn't want to hurt the biggest ego in gaming, now would we?

For those that have no clue, Fatal1ty has been dubbed as the top professional gamer with 12 world championships in five different games. The last time I heard about him was on MTV when they were doing their huge drive for the Xbox 360. I'm sad to see his paid promotions take a shadow like linger over the upcoming E for All expo. Don't believe me? Head over to and see for yourself. The last time we saw somebody promote something more than themselves was... we're not going to get into that.

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