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HungLaser's blog

8:40 PM on 05.03.2009

mysterious points of mystery

ive never posted a thing here before but just a short question. has anybody else noticed on xbox live if they have more MSpoints (Moon money) than usual. i havent purchased any in a while and when i do i usually get the points cards from gamestop or walmart. well i know i have had 110points for a long time and nothing cost that little except for gamer pictures so i went to add some and noticed that i had 610points. exactly 500 more than when i previously checked. i know you cant buy 500 point cards so nobody added them for me while i wasnt looking so went and checked my purchase history on and there havent been anything bought in a long time much less points. the last time i even added points was to get SSF2HDTR.
so i was wondering has anybody else gotten "lucky" and had more points magically added to their account or has microsoft given out its version of a Stimulus Plan...yeah right its microsoft!   read

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