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Hulan's blog

6:01 AM on 11.15.2009

First Post (The post of shame and guilt)

So, for my first post I want to tell all of you something I am ashamed of, but let me tell you a little about my gaming story so far:
My first console was a SNES, and my first games Super Mario World 2: That One With Yoshi and Pocky & Rocky 2, I enjoyed both games for a long time,
I then received a N64 with Rogue Squadron, a game that cursed me with the Expanded Universe Disease, a curse so strong right now I have a tab with
the Wookieepedia.
Years later I spent all my money on a PSone, I picked games like Dino Crisis 2 (Regina rocks and I'm still concerned about Dylan) and Metal Gear,
the game that made me realize I wanted THIS to be my reason to earn money in the future.

If you have been reading closely you will notice that I never picked Sports or RPG games: I don't care about sports but I'm sad to confess I've never finished an
RPG, I'm not counting Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia, 'cause they aren't turn based nor Pokémon Blue, Golden and Ruby cause they were in my opinion too easy
for a RPG.

So far I played:
Super Mario RPG: Stuck at the Semi-final boss I think, a clock.
Final Fantasy V: Finished the first dungeon.
Final Fantasy VI: I watched the Hydra monster die and then revive, and it took me several hours.
Final Fantasy VII: stuck at Gold Saucer
Chrono Trigger: After you arrive at the Kingdom of Zeal a boss killed me and I didn't continued
Lost Odyssey: I'm at the beggining of Disc Four, yes, I nearly cried with all the Dreams, except White Flowers, that bitch really made me cry :'(

So, I would be glad to read your thoughts on the Cure of this Disease I've been carrying all my life.   read

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