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Hriki's blog

12:36 AM on 06.18.2011

The Real Truth About Why You Hate Reviews PERIOD!

I commented on the destructoid review guide. Admittedly at first just a quick simple response. But, then. I could not help but have my mind run wild on why I know for me, and how it seems for many, as to why we hate it when a...   read

1:26 AM on 09.29.2009

Risen Still Rising on Australian Steam

Just loaded up Steam and there I before my eyes is the pre-order incentive for Risen! Now this game has been banned in Australia. But is still ready to be pre-ordered! Though steam has done this before with Necrovision. Necro...   read

9:11 PM on 09.10.2009

Anoymous Hack Australian Government Websites. Also: The truth on the Australian 'Mandatory' filter

In an event that i can neither agree with or disagree with, some members of 'anonymous' hacked and shutdown temporarily several Australian government websites as a protest to the proposed mandatory internet filter. The filter...   read

9:38 PM on 06.21.2009

Critiquing For the Ages - Killzone 2

What is a critique? Is it a game review? No. Though many game reviewers hail themselves to write 'critiques', many can hardly be considered a critic in that manner. A critique is a deep and intuitive look at a game. In compar...   read

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