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Belligerent Existence

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PAX Dragon Age Booth Video Impressions

Mind if I take a moment of your time? I'd like to talk about a game I was eager to check out during PAX: Bioware's 'Dragon Age: Origin' is being touted as a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate. While it doesn't take place...


Post PAX Plea - Warning: Sappiness Inside

Inhale. It should take less then a second. Moments are brief intervals of time. They're meant to be small enough that a breath can feel like an eternity. Something so infinitesimally small, yet have a profound impact. Havi...


A cast of thousands - Soma Cruz

Hey everyone, With this month's theme I thought I would take the time discuss one of my favorite video game characters (who I also used as my avatar) – Soma Cruz. :) 1. Pedigree Soma Cruz continues a strong tradition ...


Paltry Cinci NARP Pictures

I apologize for my terrible selection of pictures but sadly many of my images didn't turn out (which is quite a shame). I'm pretty certain there are giant gaps in my memory from the alcohol but I want to take the time to sa...


Creating Illustrations on the DS

I would like to get a tablet PC but they’re kinda (REALLY) out of my price range. Yesterday, MaxVest introduced me to this neat DS application called ‘Colors!’ It’s a small DS application you can run with any DS Loa...


FooLiz AvP Style

Hey everyone, Recently I created an illustration of Dtoid’s very own (and lovely) FooLiz that would take place in the Aliens vs. Predator universe. FooLiz’s outgoing personality did not mix well with what I remembered o...


Otomedius is 360 bound

Konami? Check. Shmup? Check. Boobies? Er, check. Story? Um, maybe? Not sure. Haven't looked into it. Involving character exposition into the human condition? We'll file that under a maybe. I've always been curiou...


Quick illustration of Sybil Pandemik

I apologize in advance but this is a multi-part blog post. Please bear with me. I would like to thank everyone for their compliments regarding my illustrations as it is truly appreciative. Ive been stuck in an embarrassingly...


Pontiac Ad - Spy Hunter homage

Sorry, this post is lacking in substance and if it was already posted. I just wanted to share for any of those who havent seen this ad yet. I loved Spy Hunter as a kid (even though I was REALLY REALLY terrible at it. Still am actually) and while it doesn't make me want to go out and get a Pontiac- I think it's really neat. Via Joystiq


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Video games are neat.

Hoygeit [hoi-get]
I actually don't know how to correctly pronunciation of the name in the language I drew it from; I was just immediately fond of it.

Or as Tazar once put stated:
"What's up hoyuegetierouitg!"
Which, in standard Tazar fashion, is awesome.

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