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Video games are neat.

Hoygeit [hoi-get]
I actually don't know how to correctly pronunciation of the name in the language I drew it from; I was just immediately fond of it.

Or as Tazar once put stated:
"What's up hoyuegetierouitg!"
Which, in standard Tazar fashion, is awesome.

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Hey everyone,

With this month's theme I thought I would take the time discuss one of my favorite video game characters (who I also used as my avatar) – Soma Cruz. :)

1. Pedigree

Soma Cruz continues a strong tradition of man-pretty heroes in the Castlevania series. I'd go into detail but I feel the following images will get the point across-

Seriously. So pretty.

You got to be kidding me!

Oh, not a guy. Got it. ;)

2. Variety

Another thing I like about Soma is that he doesn't use a whip (though this is kind of hazy with the whip sword item). It allows a protagonist to exist without being bound to the use of the 'Vampire Killer' whip that is synonymous with the Belmont clan. It's one of those minor touches but it's very interesting to see what items are used to in place of the most powerful weapon in the Castlevania universe.

3. Purpose (the actual reason)

I think the biggest reason I like Soma Cruz as a character is that he is inherently flawed through no fault of his own. He is intended to be the reincarnation of Dracula (very embodiment of pure evil).

Because of this, I draw a strong parallel of Mike Mignola's Hellboy to Soma Cruz. Soma is, very simply, fighting fate. Hellboy and Soma were born into a role with a very specific and nefarious purpose. Their upbringing however causes them to disregard this role and work for the forces of good. In the case of Alucard, he is a powerful and striking hero but because I can't see him ever succumbing to his darker temptations he's not as interesting to me.

You would like the characters to overcome their fate though there is constant pushes from outside forces try to 'restore' the characters true role. Hellboy is constantly reminded that he is the World Destroyer as he has the 'Right Hand of Doom'. Soma did not manifest to be the new Lord of Darkness in 'Aria of Sorrow', cultists try to kill Soma to help force a new Dark Lord from manifesting (and there is a mode that occurs where Julius Belmont needs to kill Soma when he does become the new Dark Lord).

Soma's persistence is extremely heroic as it has the potential to be very tragic.
I realize its mostly the concept of the character rather then his interactions but its made me fond of 'Aria of Sorrow' and 'Dawn of Sorrow' games.


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