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3:51 AM on 08.16.2013

Grand Theft Auto V: Resetting the standard

(Note: This is just my opinion, solely based on my experiences with video games. Just acknowledge the fact that me even mentioning certain titles in comparison with GTA V, speaks in high volumes about these games individually.)
With Grand Theft Auto V a few weeks away from it's release date. I decided to give my thoughts on what I think it's impact will have on the future of open world titles. Seeing that Rockstar is the originators of the open world genre. It only seems right that they design the new template. (Even after referencing to "it's impact on the future of open world titles" seems like I'm short changing it & I haven't even played it yet).

Now after 12 years since the release of Grand Theft Auto III, we've seen an abundance of games made for the open world genre. Whether you enjoy first or third person, there's an open world for you. Even role-playing games have implemented the open world feature. Am I saying that future games will have to use the same strands of DNA? No, but they should pay close attention to details & take notes.

Take Watch Dogs for example. My anticipation for this game has flat-lined, It's a game I can wait to buy used or on sale. On the other hand, my anticipation for GTA V, is me requesting for vacation time at work & when asked "Where are you taking your vacation?" I'd reply "Los Santos & Blaine County", as if these were places that actually existed.

I only say that about Watch Dogs in comparison with GTA V. So please don't take offense. (Remember this is about why GTA V has created the blueprint for the future of open world titles.)

I'm not saying that Watch Dogs isn't an innovating game. More so, I'm asking, besides hacking (which has various applications within the world & is the main feature of the game), doing the story missions, escaping from the police, and acting out Minority Report. What else are you left with to do? Especially in a world where the entire environment is based within a city.

Now some may reply "What else do you need to do?". As if what it offers already isn't enough. That's the problem with video games, we get just that..enough.

When have you ever gotten something to drink, poured it & waited for the glass to be overfilling and said to yourself "That's enough" (If you don't understand the analogy, I'll use it by it's definition). Webster defines it as adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to. Which is the current state of gaming. We get enough to hold us off while we wait to get ransacked by dlc.

Not with GTA V, This game is bursting out of the seams with content. The world is the size of San Andreas, GTA IV, & Red Dead Redemption combined. It's utterly ridiculous. Not only do we have this gargantuas map to play within, but we'll be able to explore further then just by land or air. We can search the depths of the sea, as opposed to the alternative of traveling across by boat, swimming, or an untimely death. All of which you can still do.

This is a feature I've never seen used so elegantly. Unlike Far Cry 3, which lacked in exploration & depth. GTA V's watery depths look absolutely stunning. We'll be able to navigate through these treacherous waters via scuba-diving or submarine. There's sunken ship wreaks to search & sharks to fend off, but who knows what else we might encounter or discover beneath the ocean floor. There could be a giant squid or lost cities, but we're left with speculations. It stays true to the theme of the oceans, it'll remain a mystery...until it's release date.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of open world games where the only change in the environment is the weather. So tired of worlds based solely in cities or desert plains. No matter where you travel, there isn't much change in-between the scenery. It all looks dull & boring, leaving you with a blank expression or just ignoring it. While Red Dead Redemption was landscaped beautifully, it lacked much to do within it's beauty but admire it.

GTA V isn't only gorgeous, but it's enticing. Your not going to rely on catching a cab to get around as much as I did with GTA IV (believe me, I always used a taxi, unless I absolutely had to drive). You're going want to travel, whether it's by foot, bike, scuba diving, driving, flying, or soaring. This is an open world that your going to search every inch of it & savor ever moment in it. During your exploration, you also have many activities you can interact with during your free time in-between missions.

There's nothing worse then exploring an open world that has minimal things to do within them besides the old search for hidden items routine. While I'm sure, GTA V will still offer this, there is a great deal of more gratifying situations to take interest in.

First, lets start with the missions. Which are based upon different types of heists, in which you get to plan and choose how to execute them . As many noticed in the gameplay video, there's a heist where a truck rams into another truck, toppling it & destroying some scenery in the process. That heist is based on a robbery from the movie Heat. Which is something I don't think any game has ever attempted to pull off since Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (A not-so-great game heavily influenced by Heat).

It's not only their thievery of Heat, that I make comparisons between the two. It's because you can commit robberies in both! Never have I felt more like I was embodying an criminal persona then with GTA V. In past titles, I've felt more like a gun for hire who transforms into a deranged sociopath at the drop of a dime. Most of us have that Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde syndrome.

GTA V feels more criminal because you now have 3 characters with different personalities. Giving you the option to change how you play by picking who to play with. I've already casted my line-up. Starring as Dr.Jekyll, Micheal, terrorizing as Mr.Hyde, Trevor, leaving Franklin as mix of both. Even police chases are going to feel more intense. With swat members shooting at you while hanging off the side of a SUV & the only thing to look forward to is the road blocks ahead of you. It's going feel like's there's a nation wide manhunt for you. Especially at night when helicopters can spotlight you.

Outside of the missions, you can still commit stick-ups. I've only witnessed 2 different robberies, one being a liquor store & the other an armored truck. Banks might also be a possibility or a least be a mission, but I hope there are other options.

With the armored truck, it looks like your going to need something to block it from moving & some type of explosive placed on the back doors. Rather then steal the truck, blow it to smithereens (leaving only the money intact), & collect.

I'm more intrigued about the liquor store, while the information is unavailable at this moment. There's a black & white picture at the bottom of the Visit Los Santos & Blaine County page, that reads "24-Hour Convenience Stores". The screen shown is the inside of a 7-Eleven or gas station type store, but from the eye of security camera. Which leaves me wondering if you can steal the security tape after sticking it up & watch the tape at home.

Honestly, one of the biggest draws to GTA V isn't the customization options, but the amount of customization & options provided. You can customize your weapons, pimp out your ride,  purchase clothing, get inked up, equip Chop with different dog collars, & select different styles of parachutes. That's only whats been shared.

Having customization & options is a must in today's world of gaming. The reason being, is that ultimately it leads to different gaming experiences. Who wants to play the same game? if it only concludes sharing the same experience.

Not many current games even offer customization, let alone a variety. Although there is a game that comes to mind involving variety. That game being San Andreas (some of you might of predicted I'd reference Saints Row, the bizarro open world of GTA).

With Saints Row IV showing signs of being taken serious as a contender. I trust that  GTA V will prove that it's still the supreme reigning champ, receiving a rating no lower then 10 (came to this conclusion after reading Mr.Sterling's review of Saints Row IV).

Unfortunately, I chose to trace it back to it's origin though. Which for me, was San Andreas. It's because of this game that I was so disappointed in GTA IV. You could fluctuate your weight between crackhead thin, bulging mass of fat, or a heavy steroids user. The amount of clothing you could purchase was preposterous. Unlike in GTA IV, where you had two or three looks to choose from. Even vehicles could be customized and equipped with nitrous and/or hydraulics. It also included airplanes, jet-packs, skydiving, monster trucks, & great 90's tunes.

Rockstar has always managed to put together an impeccable soundtrack with all of it's titles. Even though I feel that it gets overlooked. What doesn't ever go unnoticed, is it's engaging storytelling. You can't name a title by them that didn't have an alluring storyline. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Which is more of a guarantee that Rockstar won't be making any mistakes in those two categorizes when it comes to GTA V.

Also making it's re-appearance since San Andreas, is gang banging, although no details have lead me to believe that you can choose what set to bang. It appears we'll be donning the color of the almighty dollar while representing Groove Street again. While our gang rivals remain to be those Grimice stained Ballas.

No other gangs have been confirmed to my knowledge, but I'm sure their will be. Gang Wars is something I'd like to see return too. Which I believe it will, but have no evidence to prove it.

Now if you didn't know what else there was to do in this game. I'll name a few without having to go into much detail. We'll have golf, tennis, arm-wrestling, hunting, sky-diving, base jumping, racing, & water sports. I could be wrong on that last one but I don't consider jet skiing a water sport. We'll also be able to purchase stocks, buy or sell properties, go sight seeing, and take trips by airlines to fast travel.

We might be able to work out & do yoga also, but those are just my speculations. With more information on it's way, it's hard to tell what else there is to expect. Now I've already pre-ordered the special edition but also plan on purchasing the season pass.

You can aspect to see a few characters from past GTA titles causing mayhem in GTA V, but they will only appear & be playable online

After witnessing the online gameplay video. I'm happy to confess that I believe this will be the best online experience that any game has to offer. Unfortunately, it won't be accessible until October 1st. Which might frustrate some people, but not me. This allows me to really indulge in the single player experience & not have the compulsion to jump straight online. Which would have been the more likely outcome, had the online feature been accessible the day of release.

Not only can you customize your online character, but it looks like everything you can do in single player will be available online too! Not only that, but being able to create our own death-matches & build race tracks for land, air, or sea. Are signs that we won't be getting frivolous dlc content. Say good-bye to map packs & paying for content that was already available to you in single player but you have to purchase the dlc to access it online.

While some people may claim that GTA V is the greatest GTA title. That statement doesn't truly express it's greatness. It's bigger then just another series in a franchise, it's the evolution of the open world genre & maybe even gaming.   read

5:37 PM on 04.03.2012

10 things you didn't know about HXVND XF HVDXZ

(Note:So after reading numerous post I noticed a lot people had shared deep personal information or stories, and it was ultimately more insightful and helpful with getting to know them better. I thanked everyone of them for sharing...literary! I debated if I should do one, especially after posting an introduction just recently. While there were some things that I felt I had left out in the post, I figured what better time then now to clear that up.)

X. I'm a serious chess player!

I've been playing chess since I was 13 years old. Now I was never in a chess club or anything of that nature. It has always been something I've done in my spare time with friends & family or during incarceration. An old Vietnam vet taught me how to play when I was younger. I've been hooked to game ever since. Now while I haven't dabbled into time chess, I want to for the difficulty. I don't play online, simply for the pleasures of an actual chess board, moving actual chess pieces, and playing with an actual human being in front of me. I mainly indulge in human interaction (besides online multiplayer & trying to blog).

XI. I'm more spiritual, then I am religious

Just to clarify, I'm not religious at all. While I have read different books of religion and enjoyed the content of those readings. I have always found it strange how serious people took to religion. My main question to them has always been, "Did you get the message?" (basically all the different literature based on religion, all have the same message). I've never felt the need to gravitate to a certain religion. It only seems that they reticule each other on their beliefs while considering their beliefs to be of higher or greater value. Where is this moral value scale at? Which is why I have a strong distaste in labels and titles. No one should be categorized by a belief or difference in opinion. In the end, we all fall under one category, homo sapiens. That's where the line should be drawn, everything else is to segregate us from each other.

VIII. I hate the ideology behind "No Homo" & "Pause"

In the words of Felonious Monk "Listen, Let me tell y'all something.Your really not bright enough to umm..say pause and no homo cause you can't even f**king make a subject and verb conjugate. Do you know how to conjugate a verb? Do you know what the f**k conjugate means? My point is, if you can't even understand simple English concepts, then how the FUCK! can you comprehend whether or not what I'm saying has some type of homosexual consultation motherf**ker!"
If you have a few minutes to spare, I strongly suggest you give this a watch & listen. This man expresses and shares my same feelings towards this non-sense.

VII. Why I never played football again

When I was in the 6th or 7th grade. I had decided to try out football. Now, I was skinny back then, weighing in at 100 lbs soaking wet. Now I was at every practice, learning every route, and doing everything asked of me but I always sat on the bench during the games. By me not getting any play time on the field, my mother spoke to the coach. As a result, my skinny ass somehow ended up in the position of a center (til this day, a position I'm clearly not suitable for.) In the first minute, of my first game, I get injured after my first hike (go figure, lol). The injury, a torn meniscus in both my knees. They been fucked up every since, they make this crackling sound anytime I bend my knees all the way.

VI. I used to play POG!

Honestly, who remembers playing this shit? LMAO!!! If you don't know, Google it!

V. I'm anti-social media

Before anyone gets they panties into a bunch, blogging is the only source of social media I use currently (I just started a week ago). I do not have nor want to be affiliated with a Facebook page, Twitter account, or any other source of social media buffoonery.

Exhibit A:
"It use to be hard to connect, when friends formed cliques, but it's even more difficult to connect now that clicks form friends, but who am I to judge? I face facebook more then books face me"

Exhibit B:
"iPod! iMac! iPhone! iChat! I can do all of things without making eye contact"

for more watch:
Marshall Soulful Jones-The Truth About Our "i" Society..Today's Reality Of Technology
(Again, if you have some time, this spoken word poetry explains more elegantly then I ever could)

IV. I read a lot of "Goosebumps" books

When I was young, I read a lot of books. While I still do read books, There was one particular author that really intrigued my imagination at a young age, R.L Stine. Around this age, I had read countless comic books and comic strips but those had pictures and captioned dialogue. There was something about the "Goosebumps" series that really grab my attention as a young reader (I also started to read Steven King and Dean Koontz novels shortly after). Undoubtedly, it was Goosebumps that opened up my horizon to go on to read countless other books afterwards.

III. I enjoy drawing & doodling

I actually drew that. I have always had this thing for doodling. Even after taking a hot shower, I'll doodle on the foggy mirror. Anytime I was bored in class, I would just draw. It's like a compulsion, I can't resist the urge to doodle when I'm bored. It is something I enjoy doing, almost like it's therapeutic. I'll post some more drawings and doodles in the future.

II & I . I love my kids & they made me change my life around for the better

If you read my introduction you probably noticed that I love my kids. I wasn't who I am today before I had kids, certain aspects of my life were altered after the birth of first kid. Not to say, it was instant life changer, cause I was incarcerated during the birth of my second child (due to me violating my probation.) For instance, I was on probation for an "attempted felonious assault". Which got me 6 months of maximum security in the county jail (23 hrs locked down in a cell w/ an hour of day-room) and 3 years of probation. It is my 1st & only felony.

After my release, I went right back to the streets selling drugs once again. Within that week, I caught another case, an "assault & battery" and was arrested but had bonded myself out.

A couple months later, my partner "Red" & I, our house gets raided. They never found any paraphernalia so they couldn't charge us with anything, but I had violated certain probation stipulations. My probation officer gave me an ultimatum, either I go back in front of my judge (who told me if he ever seen me again he'd make finish out my whole sentence which was 2 years) or complete a 3-5 month program called "Alternative Direction" or A.D for short. Well you know which route I took, the 3-5 months. Now before I went to A.D, my women was pregnant at the time & fatherhood wasn't really something I was prepared for at the time.

So after completing the A.D program (which I almost got sent to boot camp for coming back from work on my last day drunk). I still was dibbling & dabbling in drug sells. It wasn't till my son was born, that I started to make changes. I hadn't perfected this change but I willing to take the steps needed to. A year & half later, my women is pregnant again, and I decided to get back in the game (even though I was working 2 jobs at the time, let me tell you, babies are expensive). Which ended with me violating my probation yet again. Which brings me back to missing the birth of my second child. That was gut wrenching (especially considering the situation with my second born). After being released, I have never been back since.

I did not choose to speak on this to make myself look tough, gangsta, thuggish, or some type of bad ass. Getting arrested and going to jail doesn't make someone hard, it really means they were dumb enough to get caught (myself included). I chose this one to be last cause I felt this wasn't just personal but also completely unexpected (like the twist at the end of a movie). My kids really did change the route I was going down. Not to sound clique, but if it wasn't for them I honestly would be dead or in prison. While going through my teenager phase I had hit a bad streak. I didn't care about anything or anyone including myself. Even after losing numerous friends to gunshots & prison (some who are still serving time in the joint), I didn't quit. I grew up without a father & I lost my mother at the age of 14. Which is why I knew, I needed to get my shit together, so that my kids didn't grow up without a father & fall victim to the same mistakes I made in life

While I'm not proud of who I was, I'm not ashamed of it either. I don't live my life with regrets, cause it took me to go through all that to become who I am today.   read

11:00 PM on 03.31.2012

Fahrenheit PS3-60: The digital era of gaming

After time, certain things become obsolete. I mean, phone booths don't even exist anymore. Dj's don't mix and scratch with vinyl, & when's the last time you seen someone with a portable cassette or cd player? I'll wait...

Just as the television replaced the radio, digital releases will undoubtedly destroy physical copies. Music, movies, books, magazines, & video games will all be digital releases 20 years from now (if not sooner). All these things will become downloadable. Ipads will replace televisions.

With game companies claiming that used games are destroying the market. This seems to be the most likely outcome. Also putting an end to modded systems, pirated games & leaks. No more pre-ordered bonuses, no more online passes, no more having to camp in front of stores waiting for a release.

While watching the commercial for the Ipad 3. I noticed that everyone in this commercial owned an Ipad 3. It made me think to myself, "Damn, that's what the future will be like in 20 years". I started to imagine how far down the rabbit hole that our society will go.

Although, we are already in the digital era, this is only the beginning. This won't happen over-night, in the words of the late Alonzo Harris "This shit's chess, it ain't checkers".

Take LCD & plasma TVs for example, almost everyone owns one. For those of you who don't, you will when that heavy ass 36" in dies, then what will you do? Go to the store and buy a new TV, except they only carry LCD or plasma TVs. In the end, we are all forced to conforming to the standards that they set.

I'm sure consoles for gaming in the "digital future" will reduce in size (eliminating disc drives). Hard drives will no longer be needed, Believing that consoles come with some sort of cloud space memory. To even use the console, you will have to be signed in online to use it (no offline usage).

Advertisements will run rampant on these things. Instead of you sitting in a lobby and waiting for members to join, or for the match to start. This will be replaced with advertisements and sponsorships running before and after every match.

Even though everything has gone digital, you still will be able to rent games & movies as long as you have membership. The downside, is that they will only carry certain titles for a unprecedented time.

Just like today's cell phones, every console will come with a camera in it, so you can live chat online. But you will need the designated app to do so. Just like the apps on the 360 (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Apps will play a huge factor in this era. Like having to use an app just to acquire dlc or add-ons.

Today's world revolves entirely too much around convenience. Making things easier & more accessible then it did 20 years before. So just imagine 20 years from now.

You have to understand that we’re nothing more than market for them, of no significance otherwise. So in the end, physical copies will become as useful as trying to play an 8 track cassette in your car. It served it's purpose throughout the years, but a time will come where it's outlived that purpose.   read

5:50 PM on 03.30.2012

Allow me to re-introduce myself, My name is...

(Note:Apologizes for picture being so damn big, It reads "Steady As She Goes")

So I've been reading a lot your blogs and I noticed that a couple people have put out these introduction pieces. So I figured since I've put out a few blogs myself, but never properly introduced myself that I should do a piece about me.

Hello everyone, My internet persona is "Hound Of Hades". Anyone familiar with Greek Mythology?
If not, if you ever played any of the titles from the "God of War" series or it's copycat of play-style "Dante's Inferno" you may remember a certain 3 headed beast called "Cerberus". My persona is originated from that. It also happens to be my gamertag also (except it is in all caps & the 2 O's are replaced with zeros).

I'm 27 years old, hail from the state that looks like a mitten (Michigan), and I'm biracial. Meaning my mother is Caucasian & my father is African (and although he isn't actual from Africa or ever been there, we are descendents. I just don't believe in putting in the "American" part for any race. It's just condescending). Not that I'm anti-American or anything.I just believe there's too many stipulations in the world already.

I have to 2 boys, Jachilles, my oldest is 5 years old (Yes, his name is derived from Greek Mythology, named after "Achilles" but with a twist, we added a "J"..Whoa! lol. The reasoning behind that is because my women & I, both our names start with J's). For those of you having a hard time pronouncing, Ja-chil-les.

Jayden, my youngest is 4 years old and his name actually means "thankful" & "God will judge". There were complications during his birth and he almost didn't make it. So you could imagine how thankful we were that he did. Hence his name.

As much as I love video games, they are not my only interest. What are my other interest, you ask? Well if I could sum them all up into one word it would be "Art". Art? you mean like drawings, paintings, sculptures, and things of that nature. Yes, but it's delves deeper then just that.

Just as a photograph freezes a moment in time for you to remember forever. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Music is art.

For example, I love a variety of different music. Although one of my favorites may be that trunk rattling, booty popping, bass thumping, ignorant brilliance (In the words of Playboy Tre "If it's one thing, or should I say a few things that I know about niggas. Niggas like alcohol, niggas like weed, niggas like b***hes, and niggas loooove some muthaf**ckin speakers! You monkey ass beating down the god damn street with your 808 playing ass...nigga! @2:20 mark) As much as I hate stereotypes, I do love bumping my system while driving, lol!

But it's not the only thing I listen to though. You'd probably be in awe and disbelief if you seen my music collection (especially after that last statement). So I'll prove my point:

-The Isley Brothers
-Jimi Hendrix
-The Doors
-The Temptations
-Lana Del Ray
-Marvin Gaye
-The Black Keys
-Inception Soundtrack
-Erykah Badu
-Rick James
-Micheal Jackson
-Kenneth Whalum III
-Mile Davis
-The Beatles

I could keep going but no need for you to have to keep scrolling. I also really love instruments.Some of my favorites are the violin, piano, saxophone, guitar, and oh course drums. If you noticed I put the "Inception" soundtrack on the list not because of the movie, but for the brilliant composing done by Hans Zimmerman. If your unfamiliar with the name, he's the composer behind a lot of movie scores. My music collection ranges from an array of genres.

Music can conjure up all types emotions & speaks directly to our souls.(not verbally but musically, by the strum of a cord, a press of a certain key, or the tempo of the beat.) It speaks to all of us by our own different accords and that's why I'm so passionate about art.

I love all art forms, whether it be graffiti, tattoo's, a sculpture, a painting, a photograph, a film, theatre, dance, a piece of literature, or even the structure of a building. It's all art in my book. Which is why video games are essentially an art form. Life itself is an art form.

A women's body is living breathing art form. Their choice of make-up and how it sculptures their face (Although I don't agree with women wearing make-up, I won't go on a spiel about why).

Sex is a passionate art form (Not to say other art forms our less passionate, because one must have passion to create an art form) So I'll say it's more of an intimate art form. I digress cause I've kind of stepped outside myself there for a moment.

I'm just trying to give you my perspective on life through my eyes. Basically art is all around us and it's the little things in life that we should enjoy. Death is inevitable so live your life to the fullest.

I also enjoy watching animes and cartoons with my kids. Our favorite show to watch right now is "Thundercats". Now I grew up watching the original show as a kid, and as much as I hate the recycling of tv shows and movie remakes. This is a must watch! I mean this is WAY better then it's predecessor (and I love the original to death). I mean right from the beginning of the show, they came out so hard on some old "Lion King" type shit. Then there's technology and the people of Thundera don't even know that it exists. They been living like them folks on the "The Game of Thrones" (Which is the only mature tv show I watch besides "The Walking Dead").

I honestly can not express the feeling I get when I see my kids playing with their swords and my youngest saying "Thunder, Thunder, THUNDERCATS! HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!". I mean with complete hand gestures and all. Priceless is the word that comes to mind.

As I mentioned before I watch anime and cartoons with my kids. Another show we watch is "Regular Show". Now my boys don't watch too many animes but the most recent ones we've watched is the "X-men, Wolverine, and Ironman" anime series. My kids love a lot of the Marvel characters and know them by name. All their toys, curtains, bedsheets, clothes, pajamas, shoes, coats, backpacks & stuffed superheroes are Marvel. I mean this spoiled brats are Marvel-ed out! lol. It makes them happy so in return it makes me.

Now my favorite animes that I watch by myself or with my women (yeah, she watches some animes and plays video games too.) are Samurai Champloo, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, Death Note & Ghost in a shell to name a few.

Now I'll conclude with, my women is fan of video games also (as are my boys). I mean she LOVES! Bethesda RPGs (Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Skyrim).

The funny thing about her, is that she has always enjoyed playing kiddish type games where you collect things. So a few years back I brought Fallout 3 GOTY edition (Now I have never been big into the Final Fantasy or Pokemon type RPGs) and she talked so much shit about this game and I told her to try it (BIG MISTAKE, lol). She became a fan. So fast forward to the present, she brought me Skyrim as an early Christmas present. Again, she talked that shit again and I repeated my mistake again by telling her to try it. She became a fan yet again. She's not big into competitive play (she hates it) but she is a diehard co-op player.

I hope I gave you enough insight into who I am & that you enjoyed reading it and thanks for taking the time out to get to know me better.   read

11:05 PM on 03.29.2012

A Gift & A Curse: DLC add-ons, Are they excessively overused?

Note:While there's always two sides to a story, I attempt to explain my side of the coin

Just to set the record straight and not cause any mass hysteria. I love download content! I just feel at times there are some add-ons that can be pretty ridiculous with certain titles or content (or lack of). Take "Skyrim" for instance (probably not a good example to use, as the dlc hasn't been released). I enjoy "Skyrim" and look forward to seeing what they release for dlc (I'm still waiting for the 1.5 update, and that looks so damn good, I feel like I'm getting some free dlc). Now I can't predict my feelings for what may come with the actual add-on pack. I can say that I brought a game that I won't feel like I was robbed from the experience when the dlc is of now, lol.

I brought an arcade game just recently (that I've wanted to get, but have been waiting for it to be on sale). "Hard Corps Uprising" (the anime "Contra"). If you played the game then you know that in the beginning there's a short anime that shows ALL of the characters (it even gives really quick insight behind each characters story).

Allow me to explain my madness. I have wanted to purchase this game for awhile, but refused to pay $15 for it. Not that I don't think it was worth it but it was the add-ons that I couldn't get over. I'm aware they were only priced for $2.50 each, so that's 3 add-on characters, that comes to $7.50. Add-on the purchase of the game, that's $22.50. That's honestly not much, right. Oh! but here it comes, it was the principle of it all. Really? Just sell me the game with all the characters and price it for $20. Is that asking for too much? Why do I have to purchase the game and then buy all these characters (who were intended for this game) separately? Konami? Are you hurting so bad that you need that extra 2.50? Fuck it! Sell it to me for 22.50 but don't try fooling me into believing that I'm getting an add-on, when really it was a short-of. I digress.

On to the next one, "Red Dead Redemption". Most of their dlc pertained to online users. Should we look at single player & multiplayer as two separate entities? If not, then why do I feel like I'm being sold as if they are. It all came in the same box, right?

It all started off so beautifully. "Outlaws to the End", a free dlc. Then came the "Legends & Killers" pack, I brought this just for the 8 characters from "Red Dead Revolver", but it also came with 9 multiplayer maps, a tomahawk, and more achievements.

Then came the "Liars & Cheats". Which came with a new game mode called "Stronghold", horse racing, liar's dice, poker, an explosive rifle, new gang hideouts, new achievements, & 15 characters from the single-player story. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You almost had me there. That's what I'm talking about. I'm not about to pay for something that should have already came with it.

I would have gladly coughed up $10 for this pack, just for the new game mode, the explosive rifle, the hideouts, and the achievements. Even though the other things aren't things I'd be particular interested in, (and they were in the single player story) I still would have brought it. It was those damn 15 characters from the single-player story, and for that I just couldn't do it (and don't even get me started on the so called "Legendary" characters online). I basically passed on this because I felt like Rockstar were being "Liars & Cheats".

Every other release besides that I brought, I mean, "Undead Nightmare" come on, a no brainer. It wasn't like the releases were bad. They did a impeccable job, if it wasn't for that one blemish. The single-player will forever be memorable. The online was bananas! Yes! I could of sucked it up and just took one for the team, but I have principles. In the words of the late Tony Montana "All I got in this world is my balls and my word...& I'm not breaking them for no one".

I'm not saying that dlc add-ons is bad thing by any means, but more so on purpose of it's use. Every case has a different scenario.

So what's the scenario? "Saint's Row the Third" is that scenario. Charging it's customers $3.00 for cheat codes as an add-on dlc. Again it's not the price, it's the principle. While $3.00 isn't much, look at the content, there must of been a more feasible way to approach this. I mean this is utterly ridiculous. Then there's the $10.00 to play online co-op. Really? like it's not bad enough that you stripped the multiplayer out (which is another reason why I loved this series) but on all previous releases I was never charged for co-op, so why now? Again I digress.

SUPER MEAT BOY! Love! Love! Love! this game.This game is so dripped and draped in nostalgia, it's a fucking time warp. This game did something innovative when it came to it's dlc. They have this world called "TEH INTERNETS" and you can access all it's dlc for free and play it. They have even uploaded maps from a couple people who created maps using the pc version. For that, I'm forever grateful.

Next, "Castlevania:Harmony of Despair" Will Konami be up to their old tricks? You better believe it. With this one they up the ante. When you purchase the game you get 6 chapters (levels) and 5 characters (Soma, Alucard, Jonathan, Shanoa, & Charlotte) for 15.00. Not bad. Until you factor in this detail that even I can't even comprehend. They priced certain chapters at different prices as they did with the characters.

-Chapter 7:Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire $5.00
-Chapter 8:The One Who Is Many $4.00
-Chapter 9:Lord of Flies $4.00
-Chapter 10:Origins $3.00
-Chapter 11:The Legend of Fuma $3.00
-Getsu Fuma-$2.00
-Simon Belmont-$2.00
-Yoko Belnades-$3.00
-Julius Belmont-$3.00
-Maria Rendard-$3.00
-Richter Belmont-$3.00
-Music Pack 1-$2.00
-Music Pack 2-$2.00

Umm..$39.00 worth of dlc, then add in the purchase of the game, $54.00! That's the price of a used new release at Gamestop. This has to be the most expensive arcade title. Now here's my issues, why are the maps priced differently? Why didn't they just include Simon with Origins & Getsu with The Legend of Fuma and just make it $5 for each one.I mean these are the levels these characters originated from? Why can't they package these things better?

I'm not saying that all dlc add-ons should be free either. Although it would be nice, (it's irrational) It's all based within it's content. There is absolutely no plausible explanation for this excessive behavior. DLC add-ons may never be the same, Something that was once used for actual content, has now been used for exploiting it's customers. I have a feeling that it will only get worse in time.

You may think I'm insatiable, but really I'm just logical. Maybe your irrational.   read

11:32 PM on 03.28.2012

LA Noire, Not as enjoyable as I thought


Ok, so on the day of the release of this game, I go to pick up my pre-ordered copy from gamestop and I happened to not get the gamestop pre-order bonus that they had going on for a limited time.So their pre-order bonus was to get the exclusive chicago piano gun. So I was a little distraught, but either way I got what I came for.
I get home, install all 3 game discs on my console and get ready to enjoy a game I had been waiting awhile for after reading about it in a game magazine. Now keep in mind, that I was still deeply and passionately in love with "Red Dead Redemption" (which was released the year before). Now you could say my expectations for this game where pretty damn high.I thought to myself "Rockstar has made another classic."

So after playing for awhile, certain things start to make me frustrated with the game. First were minor things that I told myself I could ignore.One of those being I couldn't carry but one weapon in trunk of my squad car. but it wasn't that you could only carry one weapon in the trunk, that was the ONLY weapon you could (until they released the free dlc for the chicago piano gun mentioned earlier). So while having a shoot out with the goons, I could only carry their weapons during the shoot out. Then there was the car chases that ALWAYS end in a crash, if you weren't able to get them after a certain point. Oh, then when you had to chase someone and then stand completely still and and keep your aim on the person running until that circle filled up. Just to shoot in the air and yell "Stop!". In every chase scene you never are able to make your OWN decision on how to handle the situation. You either chase them down or yell stop.

Let me state for the record I didn't go into this game believing it was going to be just like GTA. I knew already that it wasn't. Although I expected something different, I didn't expect this. Do you remember those "Give Yourself Goosebumps" books? I don't know the exact term for these type of books. Basically I felt like I was playing that. Everything is predetermined for you, and your just going for the ride. Unless you pick the wrong page & start over again.

I will add that the most decision making you get to make in the game is in interviews. Which is actually the only place this game really shines. As you already know the facial animations on here are f**king amazing. There are few cases that really stand out from the usually dull ones, but I really do mean a few (as in 3-5 cases). Now when it comes to crime scenes (which usually involve an interview or two) those can be fun at times too. There's an option that can make investigating crime scenes easier, I choose not to, that way I got the full experience. Boy did I, at times it was so frustrating cause there is a lot of debris.You don't know what your looking for but the items that you continue to pick up that are useless, you learn not to pick up.Then there's the massive city, I mean this place is huge! Now you can explore the entire city without having to switch discs unless doing missions or side missions. With the city being so big there is really nothing to do if only to look at the landscape, but if I wanted that I would have brought a painting. Just like if I wanted a good story, I'd read a book.

Now the story part of the game is dramatic. In the end Cole Phelps died, which was a little surprising. Seeing that the year before John Marston died. (Which was something I really didn't see coming). With Cole I knew he was going to die, not in the beginning but I could see it coming. With John you were blindsided. I don't say that to make comparisons with "Red Dead Redemption". Even if I hadn't played RDR, I still wouldn't have enjoyed this game. It's not a great game, nor is it a utterly horrible game. As the old saying goes "To each it's own".

Other Rockstar games worthy of mentioning:Red Dead Revolver, Manhunt, The Warriors, & Bully.

(Note: I know that this was a Team Bondi game)   read

4:23 PM on 03.28.2012

Dark Souls For PC! Castlevania Mod Request!

(Note: I do not blog and this is me making an attempt. My apologizes if it is not up to par to what you would aspect, but I do hope you enjoy. Any suggestions is welcomed)

I'm an avid fan of "Dark Souls" and although I haven't played it's predecessor (Demon Souls), due to owning the opposite console that it was released for. I just have to say, "I f**king love this game". While playing this I get this feeling of nostalgia. Now I've been eagerly waiting in anticipation for the facebook announcement, and while others have argued between a pc port of the game or dlc. I have been praying for both! (and I don't even own a gaming pc.) So after seeing this and the announcement still ongoing. I feel as if my prays may have been answered.

Alot of people have talked about how this game is how "Castlevania" should have been approached. Well now that it's coming to pc, maybe some of you in the modding community can make this a reality.

So I decide to make this request to the modding community. Now I may be asking for alot (due to my lack of knowledge of modding) but this is only an idea that I would like to see come to life.
I would like to see the "Dark Souls" world transformed into a "Castlevania" game. The mechanics, environments, and bosses of "Dark Souls" are very well suited for a "Castlevania'" type game. What I am asking is no easy task and maybe someone will do it or maybe they won't but one can dream.

(Note:These are just suggestions for anyone who actuallly decides to go through with it, this is just an idea to work off)
-The Belmont Clan
-Order of Ecclesia
-Brotherhood of Light

I do think making the "Belmont Clan" into a covenant would be awesome. The person you speak with to join the covenant should be Simon Belmont, an just for joining you get "Simon's gear" (A headband would be replaced for a helmet). After leveling up once for the coventant, you'll recieve the "Vampire Killer" whip, level up again & learn Martial Arts.(I understand that in "Dark Souls" there isn't any martial arts moves, but if it's modded, there could be).
Also to add difficulty, if you join this clan, you will be cursed (half health until you defeat Dracula). Not sure what to do with the other covenants.

*Playable characters I would like to see would be fan favorites such as:
-Simon Belmont
-Soma Cruz
-Richter Belmont
-Nathan Graves
-Maria Renard
-Charlotte Aulin
-Jonathan Morris

Each character would serve as a different class.
-The "Hunter" class would be replaced with Richter or Jonathan (start off with the leather whip which can be upgraded to the morning star for more damage and extra length.)
-The "Wanderer" class would be replaced with Alucard. (start with Alucard sword & shield)
-The "Sorcerer", "Cleric", & "Pyromancer" class would be replaced with Maria, Charlotte, & Shanoa.(each start off with their very own spells and miracles)

*(just a name change)
-Black Firebombs replaced with Holy Water
-Firebombs would remain as such
-Dung Pie replaced by Bible
-*Estlus Flask replaced with Potion (can be upgraded to Super Potion)
-*Purging Stone replaced with Uncurse Potion
-*Blooming Purple Moss Clump replaced with Anti-Venom

*(just a name change)
-Holy sword would work as a divine weapon (when +10 of a standard sword)
-*Balmung would replace the "Drake Sword"
-*Knuckle Dusters replace Caestus
-Valmanway & Muramasa should be added or replaced
Seeing that both games carry the same amount & type of weapons. Most of the changes will simple only be name changes

-Miser Ring (boosts attack damage depending on certain amount of humanity)

-Playing co-op would allow for you and friend to perform Dual Crushes. But would vary between what character/classes you are and which ones would be in the game.(Anyone familiar with "Castlevania: Harmony of Despair" knows what I'm talking about.)

I'd also like to see the enviroments of certain areas given that Castlevania feel. Especially the different parts of the castles! To do that, some if not most enemies will have to be recreated. Even the bosses (as epic as they are) are going to have be switched out with actual bosses from Castlevania and the selection of music is what will pull the whole thing together.

Thanks for reading, and If you have any ideas feel free to comment below. Spread the word and maybe a group might decide to try and pull this off. If so, I may need to get me a gaming pc!   read

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