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Best shirt ever, or BESTEST shirt ever?

Destructoid, get me one.

Get me one of these shirts.

I will give you access to my bank account and credit card, if required, just get me one in perfect condition.

If you get a second one signed by any developers, I'll put your logo on my forehead.

I mean all of this.

Reading is fun!

tl:dr Rangers can train sharks.

Train. Sharks.

The bitey things with a week dedicated to them.

Unless Cataclysm does it, which I sort of doubt, any argument made for World of Warcraft, or any other MMO, being better than GW2 is void.

Also, this better be on shark week, Discovery.

I dreamed I double-posted in the CBlogs. Then it became a nightmare. Did I use then in the right way? I don't confuse 'to' and 'too' but 'then' or 'than' keep getting tossed around like an African orphan to white celebrities.

Wait, the dream. Right.

Anyway, I double posted. Than everyone planned to kill me. It got like MadWorld, but with color and the main character dies. By a gangrape.

Well, it's better than my childhood nightmares involving Jafar from Aladdin and when he turned into a snake. Is it pedophilia if you remember a dream where you get raped as a child?

So, anyone have any dreams or nightmares based on Dtoid? It'll be like a campfire story time thing, except instead of smore's we have keyboards and a lack of fire.



The good news is, the real Noodle is back! The bad news is that she's not happy anymore.

The good news is that they found Plastic Beach! The bad news is that the Boogieman is there, along with some gigantic thing.

The good news is Russel is back! The bad news is that he's the size of two Godzilla's.

Cameo appearances, excellent animation, and confusing symbolism abound!

5:16 PM on 06.16.2010

Pictured: My face during the first day of E3, and likely the rest of it.

Okay, so Microsoft gives us the Wii without the remote and a fake family fake dancing to what looks like a fake game, Nintendo will rob me blind with games I want, and Sony had nothing on the only game I was interested in (The Last Guardian.)

But no, this isn't about their shortcomings. I'm talking about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMxEycuSn0o

I was reading the E3 news while listening to that on the TV while my brother was watching the World Cup. Do you know how much I never want to go to Africa now? A whole lot.

Pictured: My reasoning.

Now go your entire day listening to that. Goddammit.
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Basically, the kitten unplugged the console by accident. His response?

He threw the kitten into a wall. In front of his girlfriend's children.

Now, I know games can make people angry. Hell, Demon's Souls made me ragequit on numerous occasions.

But a kitten? Seriously?

You couldn't have given it to the wife, put it on your bed, taken a break?

I mean, why would you want to hurt a kitten?

Not pictured: A wall and children.

Also, don't forget to look at the comments in the article. Be grateful this isn't us. Yet.