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12:35 PM on 08.29.2008

Really expensive/pointless Iphone Application on the horizon.

So I was browsing the internet today out of boredom and came upon some really strange information about the Iphone. Apple has a screen saver created by Armin Henrich called "I am rich" featuring the image of a glowing red gem. Oh and guess how much this Iphone screen saver is? It's $999.99 because obviously there's douchebag's out there who are wealthy enough to afford this sort of thing.

Various blogs were able to get the official description, however, which reads in part: "The red icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this. It's a work of art with no hidden function at all."

This application appears to not be on sale in the USA for some reason but is readily available overseas. When I see things like this I just think "what the hell is wrong with this world?"


W T F ?   read

12:22 PM on 08.28.2008

Rock out with Jesus in September on Guitar Praise!

For Christians who've always wanted to dabble in "Guitar Hero," but can't bear riffing to songs like "Cheat on the Church," "Cowboys From Hell" or "The Number of the Beast," finally, there's a video game for you.

Look out gamers! There's going to be an extremely crappy version of Guitar Hero coming out exclusively for MAC and PC! Aside from the ridiculous $99.95 price tag this game features Christian bands that most likely none of you listen to. Due in September 2008 Guitar Praise will feature 52 songs by artists like Toby Mac, Newsboys, and Skillet.


Personally I don't listen to Christian bands, but I have nothing wrong with them except they suck and just aren't my style of music. I am by no means God-bashing or hating on their message though, it's just not music I can get into. There's a news report about this on Fox News. I know in the past there was a Dance Praise game that ripped off DDR very similar to what this is doing to Guitar Hero. As I understand Dance Praise was the suck.

If you hit that news article you can view some pictures of the game. The notes are triangular instead of round like Guitar Hero or rectangular like Rock Band. Triangles hurt my eyes.

What I would like to see is some more Radiohead in Rock Band. That's the only thing that will give me a true music video game fix! Do you think any gaming sites will even review this soon-to-be catastrophe?   read

10:26 AM on 08.28.2008

Internet porn made easier with IE version 8

So this morning at work I stumbled upon an interesting article about the upcoming version of Internet Explorer. The new version of IE is going to come equipped with a mode that blocks the internet history making it easier for people to go onto naughty websites without other users of that computer and web browser ever knowing.

The InPrivate feature on Internet Explorer 8, nicknamed “porn mode”, allows users to conceal the sites they have viewed at the click of a button.

In my own personal opinion I do not like
this idea too much. It's not a huge deal to me as I hate IE and prefer Firefox. However I can see how a tool like this can be useful and keep a new level of privacy for people using the internet, especially when sharing a computer with a group of people.

Although casual users cannot see the previous user’s search history, authorities such as the police will be able to access it if necessary.

That's right kids. No looking up illegal things. I'm sure you all know what I'm referring to here and why the police would still have access to that history.

The software may be hailed as a victory for privacy campaigners, but it represents a serious threat to Microsoft’s bigger rival, Google. In allowing surfers to access websites but conceal their browsing behaviour, Microsoft prevents Internet sites from collecting information about their users — data that is then used to sell targeted advertising.

Of course Microsoft is more concerned with money and the stock market than they are with the fact that more people have easier access to porn. Microsoft is always so greedy.

What do you think about all this?   read

12:18 PM on 08.27.2008

When Bomberman Poops... *sigh*

So back in the day I used to make a lot of flash animations. I even have my own section on the Radiohead page of (Movies by Tim Urlacher). One of my less ambitious animations is called When Bomberman Poops yet because it is featured on the video game parodies page it has the most views out of all of my movies. I was fourteen years old when I made that video and let me tell you, it's something that will always come back and haunt me. I'd have to say that I'm ashamed of all of those animations. I made some silly one's about poop and some serious one's about depression. I'm twenty-two years old now and I have no access to my Newgrounds account to delete my past. I stopped animating when I was eighteen. I wish I still did it but I don't have the heart or the time anymore. Still, I would like to make something some day to make up for the crap I made when I was young.

Do you ever get feelings like this about the past?   read

6:58 PM on 02.07.2008

Over 100 HD DVDs Are on Sale Now for 50% Off at

With all the buzz about HD DVD death and whatnot it's no surprise that some places are cutting prices. Whether they make it public for those reasons or not. I received in my e-mail today a letter from said:

"Dear Customer,
As someone who has purchased HD DVDs and HD electronics from, you might like to know that right now we have over 100 sought-after HD DVDs on sale for 50% off, with many titles starting as low as only $14.95."

So there you have it. If you're thirsty for some HD DVD hit up

PS: Sorry about the crappy quality of this blog. I'm at work and have no time right now to do this, haha.   read

11:04 AM on 01.30.2008

Super Mario World level maker.

If you have Zsnes and love Super Mario world then you'll love Lunar Magic!

The other night I downloaded Lunar Magic and I felt like a little kid again. It's an amazing feeling to be able to customize/design your own levels for Super Mario World. I'm sure all of you know of the program already... But just in case there is someone out there who doesn't have Lunar Magic, do yourself a favor and take the free download.

I had known about Lunar Magic for quite some time and just recently got around to downloading it, and thank God I did. I've made some insanely cool levels for Super Mario World. You can customize everything and it's so easy to use. If you have any trouble you can always check out tutorials for assistance. If you're enthusiastic about the program it won't take long to figure out. It only took me about a day to get a good handle on how it works. It might help that I have experience as a Levels Admin for Classic Graal and warp pipes in Lunar Magic are similar to linking levels in Graal Editor.

So all I'm saying is if you really have a passion for Super Mario World at least give this program a try. I greatly encourage any of you to check it out!   read

10:29 AM on 01.26.2008

Use Super NES controller for Wii VC!

So I just got this beautiful piece of equipment in the mail from last

I thought I would give it a quick review to let you all know how happy I am with it.

First of all, the packaging that the device came in was only sort of hell to get into. I naturally just used a serrated knife to cut open the evil plastic shell and expose the beautiful innards known as the Wii Retro Port SNES.

When I got the device out of the package my initial reaction was to plug it into my Wii. It easily plugged into the first Gamecube port located on the front left side of the Wii behind the removable plastic door. The connection felt pure and easy, it slid in just as simple as any Gamecube controller would plug into the Wii. I then took one of my SNES controllers and plugged it into the Retro Port. The SNES controller fit tightly, I actually had to press a little to get the poor thing all the way in.

When all of my connections were properly present I turned on one of my favorite games of all time Super Mario World. I played through about 2/3 of the game before trying my luck with Zelda, Super Metroid, and Contra 3. Needless to say all the games played flawlessly just like they would on a Super Nintendo. There were no button delays, no errors, no problems.

Then... *dramatic pause* ... I tried to play some classic NES and Sega games.

I started with Ninja Gaiden which also played beautifully with no problem... as did Kirby, Sonic 3, and Gunstar Heroes.

I also did a few experiments...

I connected a classic controller to my Wiimote at the same time of having my SNES controller connected to the Wii. No surprise here... I could switch between controllers and both of them were functioning normally as the player 1 controller. This could be fun for two people to play a one player game together, sort of like having a co-pilot or something.

Then I completely turned off my Wiimote so the only functioning controller I had was the SNES one through the retro port. This also worked with no problem, meaning that the retro port can save precious Wiimote battery life. There is no way to control the Wiimote hand, however, or access the home button without a Wiimote/Classic controller. So if you want to switch to another game you'll need to temporarily turn on your Wiimote, hit the home button, and choose the desired game that you wish to play.... Not a big deal for what it's worth.

I did not try the SNES controller with Gamecube games such as "Midway Arcade Treasures" but according to the package stuff like that should work as well.

My one complaint is that the length of the cord between the Gamecube port and the SNES port is about 12inches. I find this unncessary because the SNES controller already has a lengthy enough cord to meet most people's needs. It would be cool if they could have done something a little bit shorter but again this is not a big deal.

Overall I give the device a 9 out of 10 and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get the most out of the Virtual console. We all know that deep down inside the SNES controller is one of the most joyful pieces of technology to use. Therefore, we should use it all the time.

Here is some extra information on the device.

The Wii retroPORT SNES was designed in California by the team at

Found on the back of the box near the lower right corner is "This product is not designed, sponsored, or endorsed by Nintendo." With a "Copyright 2006 RetroUSB" logo.

If you visit you will find the same Wii designed port for a NES controller and both designs for USB connection to a computer as well. You'll never have to play emulations with a keyboard again!

There are plenty of interesting things found on that site, even "Development tools for writing your own NES game including PowerPak and PowerPak Lite carts" for all of you eager programmers out there.

Well? What are you waiting for? Check it out!

(I don't mean to sound like I'm advertising for or anything, I'm just very enthusiastic when it comes to retro gaming.)   read

9:27 AM on 01.26.2008

Wii Connect 24 to permanentally damage your Wii?

So yesterday I got a phone call from my brother (He's an amazingly brilliant grad-student with a masters in electrical engineering.) about some very sad news. It turns out that his Wii has recently overheated and the graphics chip in it is fried. My brother, being the brilliant person he is, decided to do a whole lot of research on this issue. He then sent out an e-mail to all the people he knows who have Wii's with the proper information. Read his e-mail (edited to keep any personal information out) below.

"Fellow Wii owners and those who often play Wii and/or are possibly interested in buying a Wii:

As some of you already know, I am sending my Wii into Nintendo for Warranty repair. It overheated and fried the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit, which is an integrated ATI Hollywood graphics chip). I have attached multiple links, including pictures and YouTube video of the exact problem. From what I can tell, most people are saying the root cause of overheating is having Wii Connect 24 turned on and leaving the Wii in standby mode all the time (which I have done pretty much since I bought my Wii in December 06. Luckily Nintendo is offering a 90 day warranty extension if you register your Wii on their website, otherwise, my Wii was already out of warranty. Some websites are also saying that there was a bad group of the Hollywood chips shipped out by ATI, so if this is true, its most likely your Wii will be just fine and mine happened to have a bad chip to start out with. Many people are recommending that you buy the 3rd party Wii Chiller. Its a stand that has some extra cooling fans and stuff and plugs into one of the USB ports on the back. Anyway, just thought Id fill you all in. I have noticed a problem for a long time now, but just procrastinated getting ahold of Nintendo. The plus side is that their customer service is amazing! Anyway, let me know if you have any questions.

Also, for those of you who have my Wii address, Nintendo may end up replacing my system all together. If this happens, then Ill have to hook you up w/ my new Wii address. For now, dont send me any Wii mail, cuz I wont be getting it.

Please forward this on to any Wii owners or potential Wii buyers that you know"

I will save you some time by posting the links/videos in a more user friendly way than he chose to do.

This YouTube video shows EXACTLY what my Wii was doing. Notice the vertical lines of pixel artifacts. The pixels appear black but theyre really multi-colored and show up in vertical lines that are junked out but dont go the entire length of the screen.

Another similar example

Here's a quote from the website that has this picture on it.

"Nintendo called me back. They said it was a problem they are aware of. They think the video cards are overheating and getting damaged. The only problem is that my Wii has never been in an enclosed space. It was under my entertainment center on it's side for a while, but the back fan was unobstructed. Also, I've started hearing about more and more people having this problem. This could turn out to be a big expense for Nintendo as it is a major "fix." I live in Seattle so I'm going to just take my Wii and get it swapped out for a new one (they have a machine that transfers all the virtual content and other stuff).

Remember, your warranty is 90 days after the first year ends. . . if you start noticing this problem be sure to call BEFORE February 17 (or Feb 15 if you got it pre-release from friends at Nintendo).

Also, it appears that some people don't believe you are having a problem with your Wii when you only show virtual console games . . . for them"

This is a short article that i highly recommend you read if this Wii issue concerns you in any way.

Here's a post specifically singling out the Wii version of Resident Evil 4.

So has anyone else experienced any problems with this? It'd be interesting to know how many people are actually being affected by the Wii issue. I've had my Wii on since launch day and still haven't come across any of these issues. I think it is possible that ATI sent out a bad "batch" of graphics chips to Nintendo among the first weeks of the Wii's life. I also think that it is possible for Wii Connect 24 to permanentally damage the Wii. What do you think? Is there a deeper issue here?

-If you're curious-

Also, my brother said that Nintendo's tech support was extremely nice and it only took them about 30 seconds to answer the phone. He said that the whole process of shipping the Wii to Nintendo and having it replaced will only take about 15 days.   read

12:53 PM on 12.07.2007

Music/Games/Life -Part 1-

Who here likes music? Who here likes videogames? Who here likes life? Ok! If you answered "No" to any of these questions please leave now.


Everyone else read on.

So I'm sitting here at my desk, working, reading Destructoid, and having an overall good time this Friday afternoon. The songs of Elliott Smith softly play in the background as I switch between and

If any of you are familiar with Radiohead then you might know that they're all pretty damn good at what they do. You might also know that a man by the name of Stanley Donwood does the art for them. However, Magnus Carlsson directed and created the music video for Radiohead's song Paranoid Android. Go ahead and give Magnus' beautiful video a quick watch below before we continue.

Video Here, Sorry it wouldn't let me embed the video, just look up "Paranoid Android"

Now that we've got that out of the way I can move on to how all of this relates to videogames. As you have noticed the song Paranoid Android varies between crazy rhythms, lead guitar solos, and calm melodies. If you break the song down it basically has three main parts that can be divided into many small guitar licks and ambient sub-sections. If this song were a videogame it might be similar to something such as Tales of Symphonia. I use ToS as an example because it starts of relatively smooth and mellow. When the game does pick up, it really picks up hard and there's a lot to take in. Near the middle of the game (Rain Down) you sort of get the flow of passing between both worlds. The characters mostly make sense. The fighting is easier and your characters all begin to hold their own.

*Possible ToS Spoilers*

When the game nears the end you realize that the angels you were on a mission to rescue have been using you for their own, destructive, reasons. You are betrayed by one of the main characters in your party and you find out that they are also an angel. Much like the end of the song Paranoid Android, the ending of Tales of Symphonia is very intense.

*End Spoilers, I tried not to give away too much info*

I think that game developers could learn a lot about making great videogames by listening to excellent songs and using them as an example. I also think that musicians can look to videogames for inspiration and direction when they are unsure of how a song should sound, feel, and be.

I am a Musician?, Folk Artist?,and Ambient Perfectionist. I am aware of the beautiful inspiration songs can get from videogames and I have been using that formula since I started playing music.

It's never completely obvious in the lyrics. It's never blatantly clear with the sound. But I think there's just a little truth behind the statement "When you look deep enough everything is connected in one way or another."

This is one example of that statement. Next time I will discuss what videogames would be like based off of certain songs. I may just do one song at a time. If any of you have any suggestions I'm always open.

What songs would you like to see made into videogames?

Also, if the songs are from bands off of Saddle-Creek, Side-Cho, Sub-Pop, or Earthology Records I will be very aware of them.

Thanks for reading!   read

1:30 PM on 11.30.2007

Computer Crash

So my computer crashed on Thanksgiving and I'm looking to buy a new one. I would like it to be between 600$ and 900$. Care to share any personal advice or experiences with computers you love? Any input would be nice. I'll mainly be using the new computer for Macromedia Flash work and mastering music. There will be some gaming on it... but mainly just Graal and that runs just fine on pretty much anything. Thanks.   read

4:17 PM on 11.29.2007

The best of the Part 3's.

I've been thinking a lot lately about all of the great videogames out there that are Part 3's. I've decided to make a top 5 list of my personal favorites. Sorry Halo fans, there's no such Halo 3's on this list.

#5. Gradius III

Gradius is a very clever and intense space shooter. The game really picked up in part 3 because of all of the customizable power-up features.

#4. Silent Hill 3

Not quite as good as Silent Hill 2, but a huge step up from the original. Silent Hill games never cease to frighten and amaze their legions of fans.

#3. Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Sonic 3 is a great game. Sega platforming at it's best. My personal favorite about this game is the way all of the levels connect.

#2. Super Mario Bro's 3

Not enough good things can be said about the Greatness of Mario 3. It's inventive, beautiful, and one of the greatest games ever made. Mario 3 set the bar for 2D platforming the same way Super Mario 64 did for 3D.

#1. Contra III: The Alien Wars

Contra 3 is a ruthlessly difficult videogame. It had more action than any other game of it's time. With only 6 levels the game may feel short, but challenge yourself by using fewer lives on a harder difficulty level and you'll find yourself coming back for more. Like any Contra game, Contra 3 is best played and appreciated with a friend.   read

10:58 PM on 08.31.2007

Legendary musician meets legendary videogame.

First of all, if you haven't heard of Cave Story then you should definitely download it right now.

Okay now that that's taken care of I can go along with my post. I'm sure there's at least one of you who has heard of the band Radiohead. With the song Creep aside they're pretty damn amazing musicians. I'm going to make another assumption here and guess that at least one of you knows who the hell Jonny Greenwood is. Ok? Good!

I was going through the Radiohead blogs a while back and stumbled upon a blog by their multi talented Jonny Greenwood entitled Doukutsu Monogatari from February 8th. The blog just had a couple of links to Cave Story aka Doukutsu Monogatari. So I guess the youngest member of Radiohead is a fan.

That's damn cool.   read

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