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Holyetheline avatar 11:44 PM on 07.25.2013  (server time)
Taking A leap of faith.

This is a screenshot from FoxyApartment Episode 3 which features a crackhead promoting randomness.

Hello respectful Dtoiders I hope you are all doing well!  I think that anyone would agree that we all deserve a fair chance in life.  We deserve to live free and be who we want.  We are not only entitled but encouraged to be ourselves, especially in this digital era that our generation is entwined with.  A penny saved is a penny earned...  Well I'm not here to talk about money, I'd like to talk about the roadblocks between what we do and what we love to do.  Unfortunately one roadblock is money.  In the grand scale of things I think that most of us would prefer to have a different career, job, lifestyle, etc.  Normally our living conditions, monthly expenses, luxuries, addictions, and guilty pleasures require us to make a sacrifice.

Tweet To Me is the new single by Foxy Apartment creators Nikki E Poseidon and Tim Urlacher. iTunes

The main sacrifice that we make in order to maintain our perfect place in society is time. Without time what do you have, really?  I understand that time can bend and some consider it an illusion, but in this cookie cutter world we are governed by time.  Every hour that you spend is another hour that you can't get back.  You make a decision and tell yourself "My time here on earth is worth THIS amount of money.  I may be worth more but this is the best offer I've got." and then you settle.  

 Humans are designed to adapt and we are designed to survive.  Our conscious minds try to make rational decisions that will guarantee us our next meal or our personal security.  This is why so many people admire others who stand up and take a leap of faith.  The person who leaps lands in unknown territory and befuddled situations.  They live by instincts and their incredible will to adapt will either make them stronger or cause them to succumb to their environment.  The one's who observe this incredible act of faith often absorb inspiration and hope that some day they will be able to make the same leap and come out OK.

This is a trippy music video and original song that we made.

At this point you're probably asking yourself a question.  

"What does this have to do with videogames."

My answer to you is "everything."  Most videogames allow you to play as a hero.  You are that person who takes the leap of faith.  You step outside of boundaries, you learn how to survive and thrive.  Games can be very powerful and tell stories that literally speak volumes to what each and every one of us humans might aspire to be.  Sometimes you might play as the "bad guy" but it is just a different perspective of the same situation.  You might pull different emotions out of the bag but you'll go through the same process of adaptation and growing.

When you put the controller down do you ever feel inspired to become that person you've always wanted to be?  Do you ever want to take a leap of faith that will change your life?  I think videogames are there to teach us lessons just as movies and books have in the past.  The difference is that you get to learn your own lessons on your own time.  It allows us to have these experiences that fulfill our primal instincts and our desires to explore.

We all want to push limits, see the unseen, and live in ways that have never been lived before.  Videogames are a powerful window into this part of humanity because it allows us to experiment before we really leap.  It prepares us.

Next time you put the controller down don't just step away, try taking a leap.   

You might be asking yourself another question...

"WTF is Foxy Apartment?"

Foxy Apartment is my leap of faith.  It's a project that I work on with my girlfriend Nikki.  This is what I've decided to do with my time when my time isn't spent making sure that the proverbial food makes it onto the proverbial table.  This is what we love to do and it's what our lives have been about for the last 2 months.  After taking many different leaps in the last year, sometimes falling extremely hard, I think we've taken one that will help us thrive.

What's your leap of faith?

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