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Holyetheline avatar 2:02 AM on 12.01.2008  (server time)
Short complaint/rant on CoD: WaW (involves adult language and no pictures)

Ok so I've been going through Call of Duty: WaW on Veteran since I got it. I think I am on the last mission now but fuck this game straight to hell. You know the mission where you have to take the castle or whatever? Second to last... possibly. Anyway I did that mission but I got to a checkpoint and had to quit one day (Because I have a life I can't just sit through every mission on Vet, it takes time.) and when I came back to continue (approx 2 checkpoints away from the end of the level) the game gave me a weird error. It said that I couldn't continue from my last checkpoint because save game information is incompatible with the current version of the game. Alright so I started from the beginning and went through the whole damn mission swearing the entire time. I get to the next mission and I went through most of it I think. I was at some part where you're in a big theater up on some balcony shooting Nazi's. Then you go down to the main floor and push through. Well I hit a checkpoint and had to go to the store so I paused, went to SAVE AND QUIT, and then turned off my xbox when it was done saving. Well I go to play again and I'm getting the same FUCKING error. Which means AGAIN all the shit I did in that mission I have to do over again. What the hell is the point of a save feature if the bitch doesn't work? I'm sorry, this really irritates me because if I want to beat this game on Veteran then I have to do it mission-by-mission straight through. Have any of you had a problem with this? It fucking pisses me off so bad!!!

So I tried to Google this error message but I'm not seeing it anywhere. Since I'm so fucking familiar with this error and every damn time I try to play my mission I get it I'll go ahead and write exactly what it says...


Save game data is incompatible with the current version of the game. You may continue from the beginning of your most recent mission or exit to the menus.


So what the FUCK IS THIS FUCKING SHIT!!?!?!?!?!

I never had to deal with shit like this in CoD 4 or CoD 2!

So why now? Did Treyarch publish a broken game? Probably... fuckers.


It gives me no options to update the games "current version" so I'm shit out of luck.

Fuck you Call of Duty World at War!

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