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Holyetheline's blog

11:44 PM on 07.25.2013

Taking A leap of faith.

This is a screenshot from FoxyApartment Episode 3 which features a crackhead promoting randomness. Hello respectful Dtoiders I hope you are all doing well!  I think that anyone would agree that we all deserve a fair chance ...   read

7:36 PM on 02.27.2010

My Expertise: Competitive Planet Puzzle League/Tetris Attack

Ever since I was 10 years old I've been addicted to this game. It first came out under the name "Tetris Attack" with Yoshi's face on the box, over the years the name has changed but the wonderful gameplay that this experie...   read

11:39 AM on 09.29.2009

Left 4 Dead: Crash Course first impressions *Updated with new achievements list*

I downloaded Crash Course this morning before going to work. I completed the entire campaign in about 22 minutes but I must admit I was rushing myself. Overall I think that it seems to be more of the same. There were no ...   read

5:17 PM on 09.18.2009

Late Weekly Musings: Improving gaming communities - Different but the same.

Hello there Destructoid! You may have seen me around before but I tend to stay near the background of things. I'm thinking about making an introduction post since it's been so long since I've blogged but right now I'm he...   read

2:02 AM on 12.01.2008

Short complaint/rant on CoD: WaW (involves adult language and no pictures)

Ok so I've been going through Call of Duty: WaW on Veteran since I got it. I think I am on the last mission now but fuck this game straight to hell. You know the mission where you have to take the castle or whatever? Secon...   read

1:26 PM on 10.10.2008

Klik & Play and other game creation tools.

This morning I was sort of reminiscing about the good old days when I was a kid and would make extremely simple games with a program called Klik & Play. I was around 7 years old when I would play with this software and I u...   read

12:35 PM on 08.29.2008

Really expensive/pointless Iphone Application on the horizon.

So I was browsing the internet today out of boredom and came upon some really strange information about the Iphone. Apple has a screen saver created by Armin Henrich called "I am rich" featuring the image of a glowing red ...   read

12:22 PM on 08.28.2008

Rock out with Jesus in September on Guitar Praise!

For Christians who've always wanted to dabble in "Guitar Hero," but can't bear riffing to songs like "Cheat on the Church," "Cowboys From Hell" or "The Number of the Beast," finally, there's a video game for you. Look out ...   read

10:26 AM on 08.28.2008

Internet porn made easier with IE version 8

So this morning at work I stumbled upon an interesting article about the upcoming version of Internet Explorer. The new version of IE is going to come equipped with a mode that blocks the internet history making it easier...   read

12:18 PM on 08.27.2008

When Bomberman Poops... *sigh*

So back in the day I used to make a lot of flash animations. I even have my own section on the Radiohead page of (Movies by Tim Urlacher). One of my less ambitious animations is called When Bomb...   read

6:58 PM on 02.07.2008

Over 100 HD DVDs Are on Sale Now for 50% Off at

With all the buzz about HD DVD death and whatnot it's no surprise that some places are cutting prices. Whether they make it public for those reasons or not. I received in my e-mail today a letter from said: "De...   read

11:04 AM on 01.30.2008

Super Mario World level maker.

If you have Zsnes and love Super Mario world then you'll love Lunar Magic! The other night I downloaded Lunar Magic and I felt like a little kid again. It's an amazing feeling to be able to customize/design your own levels ...   read

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