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Hello, I'm Holly Green, formerly of TheTanooki.com and a contributor at SpriteStitch.com. My favorite series are Fallout, Diablo, Left 4 Dead, and Legend of Zelda. The top ten most played games on my Raptr file in order: Skyrim, New Vegas, Borderlands, Dead Island, The Sims 3, Dance Central 2, LA Noire, Zombie Driver, Plants Vs. Zombies, and Alice: Madness Returns. My favorite game of all time is Diablo II. Among my favorite games are Castle Crashers, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, American McGee's Alice, Fallout 3, GTASA, Alan Wake, and Deadly Premonition.

My first gaming memory is of my mother, playing BurgerTime. The first console I ever owned was the Sega Genesis. The first game I ever mastered was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The first game I ever bought for myself as an adult woman was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The first console I ever bought for myself was the Playstation 2.

I love playing user made games and mods. I'm also a big fan of horror games (and novels, and movies...)and supernatural themed thrillers. And I have never died in my entire life. Howdy!

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With the dust finally settled I thought I'd share some photos from E3 with you all! This year was my third E3 and I have to say, the best so far. They don't make 'em better than the folks at Dtoid. Oh and the Flixist. I can't forget those lovely people who housed our insanity for a party the last night of E3. All in all I was impressed with how much I got done and how little kidney failure occurred. I came home all in one piece with a tiny bit of energy to spare. That's more than I can say for any convention I've ever attended. That would not have happened without such a supportive and wonderful team.

These pics are all taken from a variety of sources, various Twitter and FB pages of Destructoid writers mostly. If you're wondering who took what, it mostly comes down to: high def shots taken at good angles are Dale's, photos with filters on them are Niero's, Santa Monica photos are Jonathan Ross's, faded smartphone snaps are mine. Mostly.

When it was over it was almost like summer camp; I didn't want to have to go home. I didn't want it to end.

Undoubtedly this picture is my favorite from E3 2012. And it wasn't even during the event. If I remember right this was taken while the guys visited Santa Monica. I, meanwhile, checked into my flight 8 hours early so I could write in an airport sports bar. I'm kinda sad that I didn't go but in retrospect it was probably for the best. Running on four hours of sleep a night, less than 500 calories of solid food a day, five or more drinks a night, and walking at least five miles a day if not more...yeah, I had a bit of catching up to do in the writing department.

On the day everyone flew in, Tony and I got stuck at the hotel, unable to check in, for about seven hours. To pass the time we played Scribblenauts Remix on my iPad.

We also went to some random taco place a few blocks away and enjoyed a warm pitcher of Michelob in plastic cups. It was actually quite enjoyable.

Ha, don't we look productive. No one will acknowledge that I am taking a pic. At least Brett cooperated.

Oh how Jim pined for Holmes.

Chad did not disappoint in the ecstatic department. He's also one of the nicest and funnest people to hang out with ever. They do not make people better than Chad. Nope.

Don't leave him hangin', Tony.

I have this beer stein now. I shall never part with it. I made Michael Futter go buy me a tall boy just so I could use it.

These guys. We're in the middle of a swingin' party and they all stop to check messages. NOTE: I have since been corrected, they were putting up a post. Which makes me a dumb :(

Patrick Hancock (middle) is one of the funniest guys you ever met, you just don't know it yet. I kinda wish he'd talk more. Steven Hansen (right) is cooler than all of us and regularly dresses like a member of The Strokes.

The only snap Jim took at E3.

We found the Unabomber.

You guys so wacky. Brett Zeidler and Jonathan Ross, who are knee deep in a burgeoning bromance.

Hamza tried to convince me he wasn't falling asleep in his chair. I had to take photographic proof of his lies.

Daniel Starkey has the best surprised face you could ever hope to see. Its charisma is truly infectious.

High glamor.

This is the man that tells me what to do on a daily basis. Yup.

Hamza is very, very hairy. You can't stand too close to him or you get tangled.

Also, he and Niero really like to show off their biceps. Which I am fine with.

I have this amazing talent for never showing up in these photos.

If Conrad Zimmerman had a superpower, it'd be the ability to oscillate between looking like a healthy looking human being and looking like he's dying of both AIDS and cancer at any given moment. We all agreed this photo should be an album cover.

Not only is Max adorable in this pic but it's also the only one I can find that I'm in. You can see me far in the background there, the chick with the bitchin' hat.

Go buy Cards Against Humanity. Do not question me, just do it.

I don't know what's more dangerous, Tony's impeccable aim or his terrifying eyebrows. Seriously, he has evil villain eyebrows. I'm pretty sure they're wanted in ten states.

The Dtoid/Flixist party was one of the better ones I've ever been to.

Meanwhile, Brett Zeidler looks on, confused, in the background.

Daniel Starkey is just adorbs.

Though Brett does give him a run for the money in the adorbs department.

Ryan Perez accessorizes much better than I do.

Oops guess I lied, I guess one pic of me did get out. For you see, I'm actually Tara Long in disguise.

Actually Tara Long is the coolest lady alive and I adore her. Also Felicia Day was pretty cool, she has a very genuine spirit about her.

We were treated to a Polynesian feast the final night of the event. Never had better company over dinner.

I'm really excited to see everyone when they join me up here in Seattle for PAX Prime. Maybe for fun we'll all take a ride on the new ferris wheel on the pier (and promptly go flying into the ocean).
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