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Hello, I'm Holly Green, formerly of TheTanooki.com and a contributor at SpriteStitch.com. My favorite series are Fallout, Diablo, Left 4 Dead, and Legend of Zelda. The top ten most played games on my Raptr file in order: Skyrim, New Vegas, Borderlands, Dead Island, The Sims 3, Dance Central 2, LA Noire, Zombie Driver, Plants Vs. Zombies, and Alice: Madness Returns. My favorite game of all time is Diablo II. Among my favorite games are Castle Crashers, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, American McGee's Alice, Fallout 3, GTASA, Alan Wake, and Deadly Premonition.

My first gaming memory is of my mother, playing BurgerTime. The first console I ever owned was the Sega Genesis. The first game I ever mastered was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The first game I ever bought for myself as an adult woman was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The first console I ever bought for myself was the Playstation 2.

I love playing user made games and mods. I'm also a big fan of horror games (and novels, and movies...)and supernatural themed thrillers. And I have never died in my entire life. Howdy!

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I love geekcraft! But what I love even more is making geekcraft and giving away my creations. Every time I attend a convention, I always make a themed Perler bead sprite for my fellow writers as a momento to mark the occasion. During my time at The Tanooki, I made a tanooki suit Mario, and we made a game of trying to get various industry members to pose with it.

PAX East will be my first event as a member of Destructoid so I figured I needed a new sprite. That meant starting from scratch with all new custom pixel work! Luckily Mr. Destructoid is pretty simple to make, and it took me all of ten minutes to come up with. I'd provide a pattern, but really, the pattern is in the picture itself! Feel free to make one of your own. The colors used are (Perler unless otherwise noted) Black, Dark Green, Gray, Dark Gray, Red, and Dark Red Hama.
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