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I am Hollie 'Pheoinx' Bennett aka Kind of a big deal.

I am the European Community Manager, contributor, host of the BritToid and director of the European video team. I love this website and every damn one of you (well, except you).

fire bird and tiger shark.

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Hollie Bennett
11:01 AM on 10.04.2011

There has always been one posting that I have dreaded writing since I started working for Destructoid and that is this post, the post where I say goodbye.

The time has indeed come to move on and to take that leap to working full-time into the games industry because on the 1st of November you will find me as the new Consumer and Community PR for Namco Bandai games in the UK. Its a rather nice title, don't you think?

I started reading Destructoid back in 2005 and fell instantly in love with the community and after heading to PAX Prime for the second time in 2009 I decided to start a UK emailer. A year later I was officially brought on as staff (although to this day Neiro doesn't really know how I wormed my way in) and its fair to say I have never looked back. I cannot even begin to to tell you what a wonderful, if not slightly stressful journey this has been and its true what people say, they is no community like the Destructoid community.

I want to thank you all for some of the most amazing experiences, laughs, the late night skype calls, emails, tweets, texts, calls and random .jpgs I have had over the years -- I have been thoroughly spoiled by you all.

I want to say an extra special thank you the DtoidEU community for being a community I am so proud to manage, for being people who are willing to work tirelessly to help promote DestructoidEU at events and through the podcasts and for being those people who I can call no matter what time day or night to share in my triumphs and my failures -- I love you all, even when you do start new email threads without my permission

Of course I also want to thank the Destructoid staff who have been the most amazing bunch of people to work with ever. You guys are absolutely fantastic people and I really hope that our paths will get to cross again and again. Also Firebird and Tiger Shark FO LIFE.


All is not lost as I want to introduce you to two new members of team Destructoid;

Becca Roberts will be taking care of all things PR for DtoidEU as well as conituning BritToid and with her background in media and audio you may even be seeing her oncamera in the not to distant future.

Looking after the community will be the new DtoidEU Community Manager Beccy Caine whos job it will be to continue the emailer, maintain the EU presence on the site and run all the awesome EU NARPs.

Well I couldn't help but participate in this months Monthly Musing and decided to do so in video-format. Thats right, you can now watch me complain about the way SquareEnix decided to rip out my heart and stamp on it, as Final Fantasy games are now completely turning their backs on the turn-based combats systems that I loved so much in their older games.

Also, I actually do think Final Fantasy VIII is the best. Don't argue.

Hollie Bennett
12:41 PM on 12.31.2010

Well it is nearly 7pm here in the UK and very soon I will be starting my 'KFC and Scott Pilgrim' New Years eve party - you see I currently have the flu and I can't be arsed to do anything special. Either way I just want to say a big thank you to everyone in the Destructoid community for making this year just so damn amazing.

Like any other year this one has had its 'ups and downs' but I have defiantly had some of the most amazing moments I have ever had, with the majority being thanks to yourselves and Destructoid. Whether it is being spoiled at CES, owning the show at Gamescom, finally attending E3 as press, seeing all of you wonderful people at my 3rd PAX, starting BritToid, moving in with a great friend, being a midwife, making amazing new friends or just watching Destructoid Europe grow and grow into a group of people who are there for you no matter what, it is all more amazing than I can explain.

I have some damn amazing memories and while I know that 2011 will never be 100% unicorns and rainbows, I am really, really looking forward to it. Thank you all so much for your kindness and support over the last year, I really appreciate it!

Happy New Year, I hope 2011 is a great year for all of us!

So it is now the end of gamescom, I had the luxury of 6 hours sleep last night and today has been spent fixing up those loose ends from both the video and blogging team and I look forward to a nice hot shower later this evening (saying that it is already 10pm, another late night will defiantly be taking place).

To the Editors, the home team, the weekend team and the gamescom@Destructoid team -
Where do I even start to say thank you? You cannot even start to understand how thankful I am for the opportunity I have had from you guys to be allowed to do what we have. The support you have given has been amazing, from being there when we need you (we have been running on +1 to GMT), for the constant support in the form of editing and proof reading and of course not wanting to choke slam me when I send you constant and annoying emails.
I understand this has been a bit of an experiment, after all if you saw my video from E3 you would probably be terrified of the S**T I would be producing while here at gamescom. The team here and myself have loved this beyond all belief, even when everything is going tits up, it has been brilliant. Everything from the simply organisation of appointments, to directing the teams, to pushing content through to thinking on our feet. F***in’ excellent.

More than anything I hope you guy will continue to support the European team, I hope I have proven that we are capable of but I assure you, we can do so much more. I hope we have done you proud, I honestly do.

To the team here are gamescom - Jake, Roy, Pew, Ian and Dan.
Jesus Christ boys, talk about personal sacrifice. I never expected any of you to give me as much as you have over this past week. You have never complained even once, you stayed up every night pouring yourselves into everything you do, constant 8am till 5am days would kill most people, but not you.
For most of you, you have never even come close to doing something like this, the first insight into the ‘games industry’, to how it works, what it asks of you and what you need to give. It’s alot, isnt it? I am proud of you, so fucking proud of you. You have excelled yourselves. You understood that what we do here will directly effect if we ever do this again, each and everyone one of you for-filled your job 110%. Above all, I am proud of you for being friends and being team mates. This is a high stress and demanding environment, you saw it first hand. My schedules, my constant pounding across the halls of gamescom to make sure the right people were in the right place at the right time with the right equipment. You were able to differentiate between me as ‘team leader’ and me as your friend, thank you for understanding the stress I have been under and how this effects the way I interact with you. Thank you for completing the tasks I give you to such a high standard despite how tired and over worked you already are. Thank you for just not smothering me in my sleep to get me to shut up.

Never could there have been a better team, I hope you will look back on this positively. Remember: Haters gonna hate. Winners gonna play games early and drink free beer.

To the Destructoid Community.
I know I said something similar in one of the wrap up videos, so excuse me for the slight repetitiveness. I just want to say thank you, thank you for the support you have given us. This team is entirely new, they are not 'games industry' folk. They are community members who have proven themselves, who are skilled or willing to learn, they are loyal and caring with more passion that I can ever explain. We have NEVER done work like this before and if you saw my videos from E3, we really are being forced to hit the ground running. Gamescom is the biggest even in the world, it is bigger than E3 and we have worked it with a team of only 5 people. You are been so patient with us, you have been so damn supportive of all the work we have done and douchbaggery has been almost non-existent. We do this for you. I eat, sleep, live and breath Destructoid. I cannot begin to explain how this site and all of you mean to me. Thank you guys.

Also, cocks.

When I started BritToid I knew I was going to get emotionally involved, it is very much 'my baby' and I know the whole crew feels the same way. So when n0brien logged into iTunes today and saw that BritToid was featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy, you can imagine our excitement!

We all really hope to watch BritToid grow and become something bigger and better and we all hope that you will be with us and support us. Please guys, if you like BirtToid please leave us a review on iTunes!

Listen here. It is sex for your ears!

Hollie Bennett
5:03 PM on 04.10.2010

DtoidUK is gearing up to get sexy this weekend as we are celebrating Mikeys birthday (the comic book guy) and his wonderful girlfriend Stella, aka Kawaiiaya, is also joining us in England! This weekend sees 15+ members of Dtoid UK and Dtoid Europe flying in for a 3 day love in, which will kick off in the Soho clubs this Friday night.

DtoidUK does plenty of events and meets and if you want to make some awesome friends then I really suggest you join us in our emailer ( I mean, who doesn't want Halfleft emailing you depressing things 20 times a day?!).

Email me Hollie {at} Destructoid.com