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Holiday's blog

11:16 AM on 10.31.2008

Fable II Favorably Impresses.

The original Fable made a positive impression upon me when it was released back in 2004 and I consider it one of the best original Xbox games I ever played. Four years later we have Fable II arriving on Microsoft’s Xbox 360...   read

10:32 AM on 09.30.2008

LEGO Batman Reviewed

If you’ve enjoyed LEGO themed video games but kinda wished the series would venture beyond the confines of George Lucas’s imagination well your in luck. Video game developer Traveler’s Tales, creators of the popular L...   read

10:57 AM on 08.30.2008

X'08 Video Game Expo Report (Pt. 3)

X’08 report continued... Pure Taking up a good chunk of floor space at X’08 was Disney’s presentation area for their upcoming off-road, trick racing video game Pure. After the game rep showed off a few of the tracks ...   read

6:11 PM on 08.29.2008

X'08 Video Game Expo Report (Pt. 2)

X’08 report continued... Spider-Man: Web of Shadows In my mind, comic books make for a more congruent choice for video game content than blockbuster movies. Unfortunately most video games based on comic book characters ha...   read

12:13 PM on 08.26.2008

X'08 Video Game Expo Report (Pt. 1)

Managed to score an invite to Toronto’s X’08, this year’s Microsoft sponsored video game event showcasing upcoming Xbox 360 titles. Here’s my impressions of some of the video games that will most likely be making a de...   read

2:49 PM on 10.05.2007

Put Your Halo 3 Service Record On Your Facebook Page

For those of you that simply must keep track of you and your friend's Halo 3 stats in every possible way you can now add the Halo 3 Service App to your Facebook profile page by going here:   read

4:46 PM on 09.18.2007

Cortana Dumps Master Chief For Commander Shepard!

Cortana as seen recently in the upcoming video game Mass Effect In a recent revelation that's sure to rock the gaming world Cortana, known as the popular A.I. in the famed Halo series, has announced her split from Master C...   read

1:25 PM on 09.17.2007

Colin McRae Dies In Helicopter Crash

Pains me to be the bearer of bad news alas here it is: Colin McRae, the British rally car driver who many of you will no doubt recognize as the name behind a series of rally car games published by Codemasters, died yesterda...   read

7:13 PM on 09.14.2007

I'd p0wn that for a dollar!

Amongst the slew of emails I get from game developers, publisher, PR agents and some guy from Nigeria who needs me to help get 50 million dollars out of his country I found a download link to some...ASSets for the online game...   read

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