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Hohojirozame avatar 5:42 PM on 04.08.2012  (server time)
Dreaming: Itís Time We had a Talk Level-5

Level-5, I love you. As a company youíve been responsible for some great games in the last decade. Right now you have some of the most anticipated titles coming out in Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney and Ni No Kuni and in the past you have developed a wide range of games each unique in their own right like Rogue Galaxy and Inazuma Strikers. I also know that you love me back, these quality games have been made with me and the rest of the fans in mind, but Iíve got to level with youÖLevel-5. Weíre hungry. I know, I knowÖyou know exactly what Iím talking about, but it has to be said Level-5: give us Dark Cloud 3.

You've hinted at this thing back in 2009 and you still havenít put out any word of it since. Iíd be surprised at this point if you guys are actually working on it, I would probably throw up from disbelief if you had a build of it at the Tokyo Game Show. I know you guys have a lot on your plate. Iím not demanding the game be done by the end of the year, not at all. I just want to know that it exists, just give me that. I remember hearing that you guys would be starting this thing after you finished the White Knight Chronicles seriesÖyet nothing has surfaced. It wouldnít be hard either; the tools are there all you need to do is put them to good use Level-5. Here, let me share my ideas with you, in case youíre having trouble getting started.

Letís start with the game itself. Iím sure you guys have thought about this, but a direct sequel to [/i]Dark Cloud 2[/i] is not the way to go. It should be like the Final Fantasy series, a new realm, characters, and story; the only thing that is sequential here is the number in the title. Iím sure you guys will come up with a clever idea to incorporate the Georama system and I know Iím in good hands when it comes to town building. Having worked on the Professor Layton series, Iím sure you guys can come up with some fancy new mini-games, but keep spheda please. In a 2009 interview you pleased us with news that Akihiro Hino, the designer from the previous games, will be onboard this project and I hope this is still true. The only personal idea of mine that Iíd like to see implemented is a darker story perhaps, the other two games were great, but give us a more adult protagonist and story. Your fans have grown Level-5; we are not kids like the protagonists from the first two games.

In terms of art and music, you have amazing tools at your disposal. In terms of art, get Studio Ghibli back. I can only imagine the creation of a world for a game like Dark Cloud with that much creativity on the team. Having Ghibli will add a whole new level of charm and character on top of what was presented in the first two games. As for music, Iím sure you guys have already spoken to Tomohito Nishiura and he is composing madly as I write this. The game absolutely needs him at the helm for the music, no question. Iím looking forward to anything he has planned for us in the new game. Here are a few songs from different games to give you a quick refresher: Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud 2, Professor Layton, Rogue Galaxy, Jeanne d'Arc, and White Knight Chronicles.

I think thatís it really. I have faith that the fighting system will be a mix of the first games and maybe bring in some ideas from White Knight Chronicles. Also there is the issue of including online connectivity or keeping the game single player. Something similar to White Knight Chronicles' system would be nice, visiting other playersí towns not just as a lobby, but maybe a connected world would be cool. I would also love to see how you guys utilize Yasumi Matsuno in the gameís creation, a joint development between him and Hino perhaps? There's still sadness in our hearts over the loss of True Fantasy Live Online, but we have faith that this project will come to fruition in the near future, and when it does we will be there on the first day. Anyway I hope everything is going well and wish you luck in your future endeavors. Hope to see you at E3.



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