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Hitogoroshi's blog

4:58 PM on 06.05.2008

Bru-Ray Releases for 6/3. Milkshakes and More! The Best Week Ever!

Sorry for being a few days late but what an amazing week! MILKSHAKES!!!! and classic war movies. YEEEEESSSSSSSSS * Battle of Britain (MGM) - Classic! May end up being to expensive a week but I'll get it eventual...   read

3:20 PM on 05.28.2008

Blu-Ray Releases for 5/28 - Hope you like Rambo

A bit of a light week. I guess everyone was afraid of Sly. I like the Rambo movies but not enough to buy them. * Dragon Ball Z - Dead Zone/World's Strongest (FUNimation) - I'm a closet DBZ fan but the earlier movie...   read

1:52 PM on 05.21.2008

Bru-Ray Releases for 5/13 and 5/20

Yeah I missed last week my bad. 5/13 * Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Fox) - Certainly a classic. I don't know if it is something I'd watch often enough to be worth owning. * The Chronicles of Narnia: The ...   read

2:13 PM on 05.19.2008

Why I love everyone that came to the Baltimore NARP.

Well the Baltimore NARP has come and gone and what a NARP it was. Sadly I have no pictures to go along with any of this, header is courtesy of Blindsidedork, but I'm sure there will be some galleries/vids posted by other p...   read

2:38 PM on 05.06.2008

Bru-Ray and HDDVD releases for 5/6

Looks like a hole lot of nothing this week. Sorry for the lack of comments I haven't seen or heard of most of these. Bru-Ray The Air I Breathe(Image) The Devil's Own (Sony) First Sunday (Sony) Helvetica (Plexifilm) Helvet...   read

3:04 PM on 04.30.2008

Bru-Ray and HDDVD releases for 4/29

Nothing for me this week. How about you guys. Bru-Ray 27 Dresses (Fox) First Knight (Sony) The Golden Compass (New Line) - Saw it in the theater. Meh you could tell it was based on a book. Motley Crue: Carnival of Sins ...   read

12:00 PM on 04.24.2008

Bru-Ray and HDDVD Releases for 4/22 - Meh Edition

Sorry this is a few days late but hey I'm not buying any of this stuff so meh. Bru-Ray National Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the World (National Geographic) - An important subject but not something I'd watch more t...   read

3:58 PM on 04.15.2008

Bru-Ray and HDDVD Releases for 4/15 - RUN! GET TO THA....

Wow what a week. Some great movies and some steaming piles of shit. Alien vs. Predator/Aliens vs. Predator:Requiem (Two-Pack) (Fox) - Ug. Two horrible fucking movies. I guess AVPR was a slight improvement given there ...   read

1:41 PM on 04.10.2008

Shoot the Core Video Review of Ikaruga

The totally awesome guys over at Shoot the Core have a video review up of Ikaruga. The review is pretty solid with a bit of history on Treasure and talking about Ikaruga's predecessor Radiant Silvergun. There is also some nice information breaking down the scoring system and puzzle aspects of the game.   read

2:55 PM on 04.09.2008

My Gaming Setup. Also Baltimore NARP

Let me show you my setup. This is also a bit of an advertisement for the Baltimore Narp. Click the link for details. A quick update on that. A few people have talked about flying in for the weekend. BWI is a Southwest ...   read

4:07 PM on 04.08.2008

Bru-Ray and HDDVD Releases For 4/8. Fuck You Edition

See that image of victory. That is how we should be feeling today. There Will Be Blood is out on DVD this week but there is no Blu-Ray or HDDVD release. It isn't even on the Blu-Ray schedule as far as I can see. FUCK EV...   read

1:19 PM on 04.01.2008

Baltimore NARP!

Come play games with Dtoiders in Baltimore! Well in reality the Baltimore suburbs. Officially the NARP will be on Saturday May 17th. All are welcome to come the night before or stay through Sunday if you have a particu...   read

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