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Hitogoroshi avatar 4:10 PM on 06.11.2008  (server time)
Bru-Ray Rleases for 6/10 - You Thought Last Week Was the Best Week Evar.

Well you were right. There are a few things of interest this week but I don't think I'm buying anything.

* Broken Trail (2006) (Sony) - No idea what this is.
* The Bucket List (Warner) - I don't think I'm old enough to enjoy this.
* Girls Gone Wild: Hottest Moments Ever (Mantra) - I have the internet for porn thanks.
* Heart: Alive in Seattle (Image)
* Jumper (Fox) - Didn't people see Star Wars? This guy sucks.
* National Geographic: Sea Monsters (National Geographic) - Probably pretty cool but I haven't seen it.
* Natural Born Killers (Warner) - I liked it back in the mid 90s. I doubt it holds up.
* The Other Boleyn Girl (Sony)
* The Professionals (Sony) - This is NOT The Professional
* The Signal (2007) (Magnolia)
* Witless Protection (Lionsgate) - White trash.

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