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HippieGunner's blog

3:00 PM on 04.08.2008

Confession: I forgot I had a game rented.

Yes, its true. I rented Ranbow6 Vegas 2 last Saturday hoping to get back into playing my Xbox because I have been into my PSP lately (Patapon & Locoroco). I played through the first levels of R6V2 and was mildly satisfied and called it a night.

Yesterday, I went to play some Call Of Duty 4 and Took DDR Universe 2 out of the Xbox and started to rearrange my games in their cases (Because my retard friends don't know how to put the games in the right places...) to find R6V2 in the Halo3 case. I screamed out "fuck!" and went to the video store to pay late charges and shit.

I was kind of bummed I didn't get to play through it. How was the rest of the game? From say, 2 hours and up of play.   read

1:55 PM on 03.02.2008

My weekend / DMC Frustrations

2ond attempt @ bloggin';

Well I rented DMC4 earlier on in the week, not playing any of the other games before. I played the first mission and was pretty impressed then went and left to go somewhere. Most likely to fap. I came back the next day to beat the second mission and came to realize that i did not save. "Well okay, whatever." I thought. As the first mission wasn't all that long. I played it though again and then some of the second mission. Still not knowing where to save.

Well on my third attempt at the 1st mission, I finally found the dim "save" button whenever you beat a mission. Gay. I beat the second mission and it slipped my mid to save so I just said fuck it, and returned it to the movie store.

On to my weekend. I went to a concert with a few local bands were playing. I bought the drummer a Sunny D (ftw) and then I got a song dedicated to me for the first time in my life :D
I got really pumped cus I thought they were gonna be good. But They sounded like Rambo Shooting a machine gun into the drum set.

Well after the show, there was a giant fucking blizzard outside so I crashed at my buddies place. I almost shit myself when I seen the size of his house. It was fucking huge. Especially considering my friends dad was a recently divorced dad. Well I was pumped to check the forums and shit at Dtoid and blog about how much I hated DMC4 and guess what. THERE WAS NO FUCKING INTERNET!!!! I mean, who the fucking owns a 500k house and doesn't have fucking internet! So we passed time by playing ping pong and playing the meatspin song on guitar. We woke up and went to his moms house to have internet. The end.   read

9:25 PM on 02.15.2008

The Decline and Fall of Shaq Fu

Hi all! I love the site and have been coming to it for about 2 months now, and finally decided to be a part of it. yai. Ill write a big intro on the forums in a bit, but im hardcore irc'ing right now.

Anyways, on to the point of my blogage. My buddies made a video on the infamous game, Shaq Fu for the SNES and Genesis. The video includes them playing it, then destroying it because of its shittyness. I hope you like it :)   read

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