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I'm Hightower, I'm a passionate gamer who likes to write about his video game adventures and opinions on stuff. I also make videos on Youtube!

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I have no idea why I made this but whatever

Fallout: New Vegas is my favorite RPG ever. You can call me a fool since it's not the most complex RPG around, but for me. The 100+ hours I spent playing rarely felt dull or boring. I love a lot about it. The destroyed beauty of the Mojave wasteland is a sight to behold, for me at least. There's something beautiful in the destroyed world of Fallout. Wait. The point of this journal is not to speak my love of F:NV but my one regret with the game.

That's right. All DLC included. I only missed two achievements, 73 out of 75. If your wondering. Here are those two bastard achievements I couldn't be arsed to unlocked.

When I look back, I kinda wonder why. What made me just say, Fuck it. I can't be arsed to get these last two achievements. Maybe because it's because they are collectible based achievements, and I hate collectibles. Especially when it's a free roamer, and there's 30 of the twats. Either way, I recently decided to buy F:NV again recently with my goal being to get those two damned achievements. (I also got Red Dead Redemption, Left 4 Dead 2 and Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine.) So that's a goal that will hopefully keep me bust until Bioshock Infinite drops. I can't put it in to words how excited I am for that game.

Also, I have a kickass Jake the Dog hoodie. U jelly?

Don't ask. I was bored and wanted to write something, this happened.

I had an interesting thought recently. First off let me start by saying that I loved Telltale's Walking Dead game. I followed it from the very beginning and throughly enjoyed it from start to finish, but this blog isn't a "Why the Walking Dead is Awesome" blog. It's a thought, see I have a friend on Twitter who decided he would check out The Walking Dead following it's huge success but he doesn't like it, he said it isn't as compelling as everyone made it out to be.

I can't help but wonder if all the game's hype and awards it has received have potentially ruined it for anyone who may not have played it yet. For me at least, I wasn't expecting to emotionally gauge with the characters of The Walking Dead in the way I did. The only other game that really managed to evoke an emotional response from me this year was Spec Ops: The Line.

I could go in to the whole "Call of Duty is over-hyped rubbish" but then I'm missing the point. I'm just wondering wherever all the success and the publicity The Walking Dead has received recently may cause people to not like the game because of higher expectations. Which is a shame, because Walking Dead really is a gaming experiences like no other seen this year.

Spec Ops The Line is easily my favourite shooter of the year. I played a few this year, Far Cry, Halo and so on but none came close to how much I truly enjoyed Spec Ops The Line and the incredible story it told. So heads up, this contains a major Spec Ops plot point, and if you haven't played Spec Ops yet. You totally should because it's an awesome game.

The moment I talking about is a very important moment in the game, so here's the situation. Basically, I need to get to a certain building, but in front of me is a ton of guys. Luckily, I have a mortar. So I casually blow up all the bad guys in my way, on the last shot I saw loads of people crowding in to a tent. KILL THEM ALL.

Then I have to walk through the valley of my destruction, this game is about the horrors of war and this moment reinforces it, watching all the people caught in my chaos crawl for their life. Then I stumble across a guy who tells me they were just trying to help... to help? I walk in to that tent where I saw tons of guys scramble in to tent. Civilians, all of them. All dead because of that last mortar shot. I was horrified.

It made me question a couple of things, firstly, when I used to play Call of Duty and I'd casually blow up guys with a predator missile. Blowing up little dots on a radar like they were nothing, Spec Ops made me think. These are real guys (Well, real within the game universe.) that I see as a little mark in on a screen. Like that part of Call of Duty 4, with the AC-130. Looking back on it now, it's a really cold moment. Just blowing guys up with out a second though.

The second was how radically different this is to a Call of Duty shock moment, CoD's shock moment is designed to make you hate the enemy, to help portray them as ruthless and aggressive. Spec Ops's shock moment makes you hate yourself. YOU did this, YOU killed all these innocent people. It was an incredible moment that struck me.

Oh and don't even get me started on the ending. So. Damn. Good.

I honestly can't recommend this game enough. It's so damn good just for story telling strength alone.

So after finishing Episode 5 of The Walking Dead game (and crying a little bit) I cannot seriously state any game that even came remotely close to how much I enjoyed Walking Dead. In my mind, it's the only game that I can say deserves the Game of the Year. You can say Halo, you can say Black Ops. You can say whatever. Nothing matched the extreme spectrum of emotions that I felt during this game, nothing else manged to pull me in so quickly and keep so emotionally invested for the whole experience.

The writing was consistently strong, even episode 4 which most people say is the worst one. Is still pretty damn good. It's simply the best damn writing I've ever experienced in a video game. I've never found myself so interested, nervous and horrified all at once about what will happen next. The game kept it's unpredictability very high till those tense, final moments and I can honestly say. I've never enjoyed a game this much.

I have nothing but respect for Telltale for crafting such an emotionally stunning story that remains compelling to the very last second. This is my game of the year and nothing will ever change my mind.