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I got: 2 xbox 360s 1 broken, 1 working, a wii and that's it man...lol sold the psp. i currently play on a 32 inch flat lcd tv. i got 2 kids a 5yr and a 1yr old. I'm also a big mario fanboy.lol well not really just been playing the friggin mario games for like 20 some years!! the only thing fanboyish of mario i got is my nintendo power patch from the supermario allstars: super mario the lost levels no warping contest. will take a pic if u really wanna see it..lol I also work six days out of the week so no time to blog much but god said i sucked...lol catch ya l8r guys.

Mine is the pic of the convenant sword at the top of my blog. so let's see your gamer tatts peeps!!!

I played about 20 games online and only like 2 of them weren't glitchy... anyone else having these problems? thoughts feelings suggestions?????? Because i hate trying to shoot someone who skips around every 3 seconds....

12:45 PM on 09.13.2007

I just saw on g4tv that Ninja Gaiden 2 is confirmed for a 2008 release! Also they showed some screens of Ryu standing in a white purgatorylike setting with swords sticking in the ground everywhere around him. Ryu was not wielding the infamous dragon blade tho, he was wielding this evil looking grim reaper style sickle.

I dunno about everyone else but I am siked to play this!