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Hero Prinny's blog

6:49 PM on 04.29.2010

My Intro: Go Me!

Uh my name's Prinny... man do I hate these things... Uh I'm your normal gamer and pc enthusiast.
My knowledge with computers is mainly in power supplies. Music is awesome. This is all.... I hate writing....I get side tracked too much... Stupid ADD....

and hey here's a shot of me.

Well back to all seriousness. I've been working on computers for a good 8 years now. I currently have a Intel core i5 system at the moment, although i want more speed out of my system my hard drive is the bottleneck :(. I don't tend to play games that completely pushes my computer to the limits as there aren't enough games out their that can push my rig to it's limits. I'm also into photography. I shoot with a Canon Rebel XS with a 18-55m kit lens and a 55-250mm telephoto.

here's some shots from my camera:

Music is one of the other things I've really gained interest in as well. It started off with me picking up some Sennheiser hd 212s. They soon replaced my logitech 5.1 speaker system for gaming. After 6 months they died and I couldn't go back to speakers, so I picked up a pair of hd 280s. While they were great, they weren't portable. I picked up a pair of Grado SR-80i, which I still use for portable use. I've sold my Sennheiser Hd280s and bought a pair of HD555s. They have been extremely good for music and gaming. The positioning of people with the hd555s are amazing.

Now onto my computer and gaming!
I have a msi p55-gd65, 4gb of G.Skill ripjaws, Gigabyte 5870, with 3 hard drives that give me a total of 2tb of storage(I need more hdds, i'm out of space O_O), and it's all powered by my corsair hx520.

(It's a bit outdated now)
It's cost a pretty penny but it plays 99% of all games fully cranked out. Now to me and gaming, I play pretty much all types of games.
My favourite games are(in no order): Grid, Dirt 2, Final Fantasy 3,4,7, Halo 1, Just cause 2, and Mass effect 2.
Some of the other games i really like are: Halo 3 multi-player, L4D 1 and 2, Team fortress 2.

Halo 3 has provided me with some of the best moments in multi-player that I've ever had.
On Narrows, I was playing with a friend, I tried to cut the enemy off by taking the booster. One of my other teammates decided to take the booster on the other side and we hit, but we didn't fall right away we hovered for a slight bit, and as well started to fall my friend hit the top of our heads causing a 3 man suicide.
Another one was on snowbound. My team got stuck in the main room with the shotgun, they had the ghost and were plowing through us with it, so I took a spartan laser and shot it. I hit the ghost but some how I ended up killing myself and not killing the ghost.
The other epic moment was playing rocket race with a friend on sandtrap. It was even close we were in last place. We tried to get the point before first place got it and won. It was neck and neck untill they rocket launched us and won, but this picture tells all: ( I'm the blue driver)

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