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Hemarroid avatar 3:06 AM on 02.06.2009  (server time)
10 things you don't know about Hemarroid

1. I know, my nick has a typo, but it is suppose to! There's a really old and funny story behind it, so... don't ask about it.

2. I was a Counter-Strike pseudo-pro-player, I have been in at least 15 clans, until the time I got bored, and found that there was another live in the other side of the screen... or at least there was, I forgot to feed my rat, and he ended up a little... dead. RIP Peidolas

3. I'm an European citizen (more concretely Portuguese) with American tastes in terms of cars and bikes. So if you live in America and your fed up with your mustang please send to me!

4. At this moment I don't have any console, it's only me, my old pc and my sackboy, not the lbp sackboy, MY "sackboy"!
Still, I am a proud owner of a Spectrum ZX, a Genesis and a PSX, and with some luck briefly I'll own a DS, but before that Nintendo needs to drop the DS price, DO YOU HEAR ME NINTENDO? STOP PRINTING MONEY!

5. I'm not a fat ass guy who stays most of his time seated in front of his pc, actually every day I walk about 2 kilometers to go to university, and time to time I practice freeride.

6. My musical taste is quite... noisy, I pretty much love Moonspell, R.A.M.P, Devil Driver, QOTSA, and when I want something more peacefull I'll go for some Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Deep Purple.
When I have some time I'll grab my bass and wake up my neighbors.

7. For now I have 2 pending projects, an online game (still in the planning phase), and a messenger program, that maybe I'll change the ideia of messenger protocols that we are used to.

8. I fucking hate to shave, why does beard grow so fast? And since I don't have much patience to shave, most of the time I look like a bum.

9. I'm a old school gamer, I still get more fun from playing games like arkanoid than many recent games. Because games are made to people have fun!

10. There's so few things to talk about me that I really don't know what number 10 should be... ohh I know: "I am a banana!"

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