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1:09 PM on 01.19.2009

Battle Fantasia: Bunny vs. Viking

Battle Fantasia is a fantastic fighting game brought to you by the creators of Guilty Gear. It is incredibly fun, insanely silly, and nobody seems to play it, or even know about it. I've watched people play on-line matches and they only got into matches with three different people. It is sad that so few people seem to be aware of this game.

The above image is a shot of the ridiculously effeminate Ashley taking on Coyori the tea serving, cat person. As you can see one of Ashley's taunts is to lay out all sexy-like on a couch. I'm telling you this game is hilarious. Oh and the best part of all you can fight as a magical bunny named Watson.

As the title of this blog suggests you can indeed put this adorable bunny in a match against a giant viking, who fights with steam guns and his gut. In my opinion any game where you can play as a bunny is probably one of the greatest games ever made. Did I mention he attacks you with bear traps and magical crabs?

So, I implore you all to go out and buy this game, or rent it, I don't care, just give it a shot. If you like fun you will love Battle Fantasia.   read

2:58 PM on 01.07.2009

The Forgotten: Radiata Stories

There are many RPG's in the world and some can left behind and forgotten. Radiata Stories is a perfect example of this. This particular RPG was amazing and actually gave you some replay value, which is very seldom the case for RPG's. Please allow me to explain this further.
One of the fabulous things about this game is the sheer fact that when you change your weapons and armor the appearance of your character actually changes. I know several RPG's that show changes in your weapons, but I have seen very few that actually show changes in your armor. For example the main character, Jack Russell, acquires a business suit. When you put on the business suit Jack's hair parts down the middle, he has the suit on and is carrying a briefcase. It is really quite wonderful. That is just one example of this games greatness.
Onto my second example of gaming brilliance. Now this is just a subtle element of the game, but it is one I really quite enjoyed. Now, if you are like me and love to explore the various towns and houses in an RPG, you should really enjoy this. Typically in an RPG if you are able to open drawers and talk to people, the visual is just you opening a drawer or standing in front of someone chatting away, pretty standard stuff. However, in Radiata Stories when you want to look at a bed or something of that sort, you can kick it and that is how you find items. In fact you can kick everything in town if you want, including people, although they usually threaten you if you do so and if you do it enough it could cause a fight, but still it's tremendously fun. I heart kicking!
Last but not least, as I mentioned earlier, the game has replay value. The super basic breakdown of the story is that the humans and nonhumans are constantly fighting. You are in training to become a knight for the humans, so you have developed a lot of friendships there, however, you also have many nonhuman friends. Now it comes to a point where you can choose to follow Ridley the pretty young heroine of our story or stay with the knights and follow there orders. Now by choosing Ridley, you lose your human friends, but you get to follow the nonhuman path and befriend elves and such. If you stay you lose your nonhuman friends, but get better acquainted with the knights and other humans. So, it's great because once you complete one path you can go back and revisit the game and see how the other side of the story plays out.
All in all Radiata Stories is amazing. I know it is random to bring up such an old game, but I rarely ever read about or hear anyone mention it. So, there you go. Enjoy and if you get the chance, I would definitely recommend picking up a copy and trying it out. :)   read

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