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Cheating used to be a part of gaming culture. No matter what gaming rag you chose, you could be sure that there would be cheats or walkthroughs. Plus, some cheats were as iconic as they were viral; even though most people didn't have the internet, there was no escaping the codes and cheats for Doom, Quake, Starcraft, Contra, Mario and a ton of others.

Justin Bailey. IDDQD. These are some of the nonsensical phrases that we could hear in a crowded room and know instantly that we are among our kind.

I'm a philosophical cheater. I will never cheat on the first playthrough, nor use walkthroughs or item FAQs (unless I judge the way to get them to be completely nonsensical; i'm looking at YOU FFXII). I will NEVER EVER EVER cheat in a multiplayer game, especially a first person shooter. If you are cheating and I kill you, I feel like i'm better than you. Don't worry, I really am.

That said, I never hate cheaters for cheating; being godlike for a few moments helps relieve stress and extend the life of the game. Since gaming is all about 'ACHIEVEMENTS' and developers want to keep their precious digital dong bragging-rights structures intact, we get fewer cheats. I mean, why not reward people for using cheat codes, too?

Instead, we get developer demos where they get to play with invincibility and skip levels, but we get left out in the cold more often than not.


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