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HebrewMagic's blog

12:35 AM on 07.10.2009

An open letter to the combine

Dear Combine,
I write to you with a subject on my mind.A brief one mind you, but important nonetheless.This has been on my mind for quite some time, & I'm sure it's gone through yours as well.
However brief the statement I'm going to make is, it must be dealt with using the utmost speed.
Now, without further Adieu:
Your Roadblocks suck ass.

With love,
Largo peligro   read

12:12 AM on 06.19.2009

allow me to make a prediction...[short blog]

I'm going to make a quick prediction.
No, more along the lines of an educated guess.
This education comes from a bit more than a year of studying & reading.
My guess:
Point Lookout will fuck up on the release date.   read

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