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I'm just a geeky looking guy from the midwest. No, actually, I'm hot as shit. Currently going to school for programing and web design. You could say I'm a music and art man. I play the drums-drums, and I enjoy playing and listening to a huge range of styles. Really there's no such thing as a bad genre, just bad music. I'm a firm believer that good co-op games exponentially increase in good times with the number of players.

Everyone loves lists. Not really in any order.

Game Types
1. All 2D Games. All of them.
2. Shmups
3. Platformers
4. Hack n' Slash
5. Beat Em' Up
6. All Arcade Games.
7. Light Gun Shooters
8. All Co-op Games
9. RPG
10. Strategy RPG
11. FPS
13. Rythm
14. Puzzle
15. Wait... Um, pretty much everything.

Game Companies
1. Treasure
2. Level 5
3. Capcom
4. Cave
5. Arc System Works
6. Konami
7. Aksys Games
8. Sega
9. Nintendo
10. SNK
11. Rare
12. Clover/Platinum Games
13. Hudson
14. Taito
15. Square Enix
16. The Behemoth
17. Insomniac
18. Naughty Dog
19. Atlus
20. Double Fine

Game Series
1. Mega Man (Original, X, Zero, Legends)
2. Mega Man Legends. Oh Lawd.
3. Castlevania (2D!)
4. Contra
5. Final Fantasy
6. Dragon Quest
7. King of Fighters
8. Metal Slug
9. Samurai Shodown
10. Guilty Gear
11. Soul Calibur
12. Zelda
13. Metroid
14. Maximo (No. 3 please.)
15. Serious Sam
16. R-type
17. Gradius
18. Ratchet and Clank
19. Donkey Kong Country (rules)
20. Kirby

Games, Individual
1. Shoot... I'll get to this never.

Systems I Own
1. Nintendo 64
2. Dreamcast
3. Gameboy Advance
4. Nintendo DS
5. Playstation 2
6. GameCube
7. Xbox 360

My game collection. (I should migrate this from Cashwh0re to GiantBomb)

I am a stupid bitch.
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