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9:37 PM on 02.28.2010

My Expertise: Getting things done at the last minute and/or second

So, here I am making my little article at the last minute, I enjoy getting these things at very last moment. At school I always do/did my homework right at same time it's due and finish before you can say: Spicy armadillo enchillada. I'm certain that other people might have an expertise at this, but none can match up to my laziness or forgetfulness to finish things at the very second they need to be done. You almost say that I'm like quickman, though not in red with a yellow banana attached to my head, joking aside Megaman 10 is coming out soon and I really want to get it, but knowing myself I'll probably get it by the endo of March, same goes for Birth by Sleep ( whenever it gets a release date).

I'm very honored to have this kind of expertise, though many would say it is a negative, I say "excuse me for saying this but, bollocks." and even if I can multi-task as fast as a jack-rabbit, I know that I shine in doing things one step at a time, with ease, even if I the steps very fast paced and with a limited time limit. Heck, whenever I play anything that has a time limit I always wait a while before getting into gear, as it makes me feel the true challenge and enjoyment of doing so (except if play a sonic game, I like going fast in those).

Maybe you might think this is bad, but I know without a doubt Kingdom Hearts is..., oh wait, that's for another time, as I was saying, I strive to be the best but sometimes I need a little boost of tenseness or
lost cause in order to get my cause finished. Yes it seems a little off, but I did say I do best with last minute chores.

So that's my two cents or something along those lines. Hope everyone had a great time doing these My expertise as much as I did, and well...

I know he's going to be my favorite robot master after I get MM10.

Til the next one folks.   read

8:18 PM on 02.23.2010

I would like to see MM3 Powered Up, How about you?

You know what I want?

For Capcom to make Megaman 3 Powered Up for the PSP, that's right. As much as a great game MM2 was, I enjoy MM3 more. (*note: I will not go into massive detail about it.) Why?

One, you get a lot more bosses to fight: Not only do you fight 8 robot masters, but you get to fight the MM2 R.M. as Dark Bots, as well as get to fight 3 of Wily's own creation, Wily himself and Gamma!

Two, Rush Jet is actually a lot more useful and fully controllable in MM3: How can you not deny the awesome mobility of rush in MM3, he is a master of agility and is a lot more useful here than in future installments.

Three, you get to fight Proto Man: As Break Man as well, but to challenge your brother who is actually training you allows you to bond with the character and grow an emotional attachment to him.

Four, Proto Man has his whistle in the game and a remix of it would be awesome, even though there was one in Megaman Powered Up: Hell yes, sure MM:PU had one to, but MM3 has the whistle as the ending credits theme for the game.

Five, You could play as 8 more Robot Masters: I, personally, would enjoy playing as Snake Man or Gemini Man. And who doesn't wanna say that they're "Hard Man"?

Six, More stage editor tools and ideas could be made: A little bit more editing and stages would be nice as well as the option to pick different music from the soundtrack to play on a stage.

That's pretty much it from me, though something like this might never happen, well a person can dream, right? Eh, let me know if you'd like to see a Powered Up Megaman 3, as well as your ideas for it.

Oh and by the way, I'm getting Megaman 10 when it comes out, that game is looking so awesome that I might buy it on all three consoles.   read

12:48 PM on 02.21.2010

The Future of Kingdom Hearts

In an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura has given details to possible changes for the international version of Birth by Sleep as well as some speculation of future installments for the series:

– We’re anxious when it comes to the next title in the series.

Nomura: To start with, there is the overseas version of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. The general specifications for it have been settled. We intended to put in a “Critical Mode” in the battle system. The bosses we felt were a little weak have become stronger. We also thought that the attack “Mega Flare” was too strong so there are plans to regulate it as well. The various circumstances of the cutscenes will change too,they will return more to the original plan. They will be adjusted so that way the story is easier to understand and supplementary parts will be added.

– It seems like there are various changes being made. May we be expecting a Final Mix version?

Nomura: As for that, it depends on how much the domestic version changes. However, since we basically want to produce one title a year for the Kingdom Hearts series, I don’t plan on going several years without releasing news.

– In another 2 years it’ll be the 10th anniversary of the series. How about Kingdom Hearts 3?

Nomura: Haha I can’t talk about that, it’s a secret! As I’ve said before, the next release relates to the mystery of the series.

– Do you see the complete series concluding in KH3?

Nomura: Kingdom Hearts has been Sora’s story, but the series is currently expanding, it’s also the story of another person. Right now, you could say “that person is the center of the series”.

– The series is currently expanding!?

Nomura: I can’t say anymore than that. (Laughs)

– Are there any other titles in the works?

Nomura: With everything going on, I can say there is one title being prepared for public announcement; the advertisement department is already discussing it with me. Please look forward to more about it.

Honestly, I would like to see how they would continue work on the series, but as for now I would like to know a release date for Birth by Sleep. Hopefully it come in Mid-June.

Link to translated version:
Translation by   read

6:16 PM on 02.19.2010

How shall I introduce myself?...

I pondered on how I would introduce myself to the community, so I thought of saying, er typing this:

Hello everyone, name's healerdoc (the one and only on the internet, I suppose), well okay no my name is really Jose, but that's going way off topic. So now I should give some insight on how I got into gaming.

When I was living a magically, wonderful, carefree life at the age of 4, I was given a Super Nintendo and given the game Killer Instinct, which was awesome because it had a Raptor named Riptor and as much as the game was cool, I never learned how to do an Ultra Combo until a friend of mine taught me. Moving along, I ascertained a Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokemon Red, that got me to enjoy gaming even more.

Now then, since I don't want to go into rambling on about my whole life of game experience ( I can do that in my bio anyways.), please enjoy my awful-looking pokemon sprite that I made from the bottom of my heart, er let's go with stomach instead...:

*Oh right, one last note: I love the kingdom hearts series, damn game made me cry (No, I'm not ashamed to admit it.)   read

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