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Healed1337's blog

2:15 PM on 09.11.2012

Mass Effect 3 is gaming's Return of the King

If Mass Effect 1 was the gaming equivalent of Star Wars: A New Hope and Mass Effect 2 was the gaming equivalent of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, what does that make Mass Effect 3? It canít really be compared to Return o...   read

10:03 AM on 04.05.2010

Mass Effect 2 = Empire Strikes Back - an analysis

I've seen many comments around the internet claiming "Mass Effect 2" as gaming's "The Empire Strikes Back". Now for the most part, they're just referring to how it's darker than the first, and improves the franchise in pretty...   read

10:22 PM on 10.05.2009

Big Bad Ben's game review - Bomberman: Act Zero

This is my review for Bomberman Act Zero for the Xbox 360. I first wrote this on facebook for my friends, but I figured I should post it here too. Act Zero throws away Bomberman's cuteness factor and turns it into a ha...   read

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